seller: Where do we disclose the snakes? - 01/28/11 10:18 PM
The question "Where do we disclose the snakes?"  could just as well be where do we disclose the
bats in our belfry?
Where do we disclose the ...?
The question is where do you disclose the presence of a pest or the treatment / removal of the presence of a pest to prospective buyers of your Ohio home?  Answer below... I want to share this video with you first.  Scared of snakes?  I am.
I am sure the snake story that is hot now is the same snake house that was in the news back in 2006...  Here's … (50 comments)

seller: Furnace Filter Friday - Changing Furnace Filters is Year Round - 12/03/10 12:49 AM
It's Furnace Filter Friday, Friday December 3, 2010.  The first Friday of each month is Furnace Filter Friday on my blog.  Do you change your furnace filter monthly?
This is a Re-Blog for consumers of Jay Markanich a home inspector in northern Virginia's home inspection / home maintenance post.  Jay's post is titled Agent's, Don't Let This Happen To Your Sellers...  homeowners don't let this happen to you when you need to make improvements to your home to sell or for your own enjoyment.  Don't let it happen to elderly relatives or friends or young relatives or friends either, there … (4 comments)

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