sharon heights: Seduction in Clintonville: Graceland History - 11/09/11 04:15 AM
Seduction in Clintonville or a bit  of Graceland history  -   In my weekly installment about how Graceland Shopping Center got it's name... actually it has been weeks.  I drove by the NEW business on High Street in the south end of Clintonville and it made me think about Graceland and how The Other Paper tells the story.  Seduction....
Here is how The Other Paper tells the story of Graceland on Columbus northside, below.... The seduction today is at Target, health club, shops and restaurants in Graceland Shopping Center in north Columbus.  Clintonville?   Clintonville or perhaps the neighborhood is  Sharon … (0 comments)

sharon heights: Bob's Bar... The Cultural Hub of the Midwest - 08/12/10 08:30 AM
I have a listing right near Bob's Bar the self proclaimed 'Cultural Hub of the Midwest ' but I never thought I would actually go into Bob's Bar....  for so many reasons.  I was surprised when a co-worker sent the whole office an email on Friday morning saying "be there or be square"  about Bob's Bar.
The "be there or be square" was about meeting at the north Columbus bar for happy hour.
I have a picture of the Bob's Bar sign in a previous post about my listing at 301 Girard Rd. Columbus OH 43214.  Bob's Bar is walking distance … (6 comments)

sharon heights: Pita Hut on N. High Street - 08/12/10 08:29 AM
Pita Hut or I guess it is Pita Hut N Grille is right next door to Bob's Bar.  I got a twofer Friday evening.  I met some co-workers at  Bob's Bar,   "The Cultural Hub of the Midwest" for "happy hour" on Friday.  There were only 5 of us who went to Bob's Bar.  The "be there or be square" was not a big enough challenge for most in our Worthington office.  Only two of us went to Pita Hut.
The hungry ones.
Pita Hut N Grille is at 4965 N. High St. Columbus Ohio 43214.  The north Columbus area might be … (2 comments)

sharon heights: Columbus Ohio 43214 homes for sale - 08/12/10 08:28 AM
Columbus Ohio 43214 homes for sale brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER.

The graph shows the inventory of single family homes for sale in the Columbus Ohio 43214 ZIP code for the past 15 months. There is 133.5% more inventory (based on closed sales) than in July 2009. The average sale price for homes in Columbus Ohio 43214 is up 16.4% from July 2009.  Home sales in the ZIP code were down 39% from last year.
Columbus Ohio 43214 homes for sale - Search
Columbus Ohio 43214 homes for sale a market report for … (3 comments)

sharon heights: High St. Columbus Ohio 43214 - 08/05/10 01:44 PM
The sign on the 5200 block of  High St. Columbus Ohio ... I'd call it Clintonville but that would just be wrong... ;- )   Even if  the sign up the road at the south end of Worthington says "Welcome to Clintonville." 
The Pierce Cleaners sign on Hight Street today....

Pierce Cleaners is located at  5205 N. High St. Columbus Ohio 43214... That's Sharon Heights?
Here's a close up of the temporary sign...  today. The   Pierce Cleaners "We're Open" sign up now.  The Pierce Cleaners sign says "Our sign will be back soon!" and also says "The historical sign … (2 comments)

sharon heights: Clintonville conspiracy theory... Realtors changing borders - 08/03/10 09:01 AM
Clintonville Conspiracy theory...  Realtors changing Columbus borders.   Neighborhood borders... Creeping Clintonville borders blame real estate agents*

A comment on a post about the Delawanda Park neighbors says: 
" I think that Delawanda Park is a Delawanda Park community. It's significantly North of the Clintonville recognized by non-Realtor™s.
Conspiracy in the Clintonville area of Columbus
Isn't it REALTORS® ?  Or Realtors®?  Or is "non-Realtors" trademarked???
A Realtor is a member of a trade organization....  There is CBR, OAR or NAR?  Was this the job of the Columbus Board of Realtors®?  The Ohio Association of Realtors®  Or does this go all … (2 comments)

sharon heights: the history of the Morse - Bethel Connector - 07/29/10 08:13 PM
A site called 'Neighborhood Link' has a good read about the history of the Morse -  Bethel Connector.   The  Morse - Bethel Connector would have been a road connecting Clintonville to the Bethel Road area,  a bridge across the Olentangy River....
Neighborhood Link -  Clintonville Area Commission - Morse -  Bethel Connector says:
" For over three decades, there has been debate about building a bridge over the Olentangy River to connect Morse and Bethel roads. Morse Road is located in the northern portion of Clintonville. Morse Road is located within District 7, 8 and 9 of the Clintonville … (1 comments)

sharon heights: Clintonville Businesses - Don't judge a marquee by it's cover - 07/27/10 08:20 PM
Clintonville Businesses - Don't judge a marquee by it's cover? 
A comment on from someone named Heather...  about the Pierce Cleaners sign reads:
"Well, don't just a marquee by its cover.  I found them to be lacking in the personality department and completely unconcerned with hearing about how I was prompted to come in because of their funny sayings on the marquee outside."
Clintonville Businesses -  Don't judge a marquee by it's cover? or Heather's "don't just a marquee by its cover"  must come from the phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover" ... don't judge a marquee … (6 comments)

sharon heights: Delawanda Park neighborhood the Best of All Worlds - 07/26/10 04:15 PM
Delawanda Park neighborhood  is the Best of All Worlds
Using an address that is almost in the park named Delawanda Park the neighborhood named Delawanda Park has an urban walk score of 72. Scores will vary by address.  Closer to High St. should have a higher walk score.
Bike Score?  It has to be easy to get to Clintonville, campus, Worthington even downtown Columbus from this neighborhood just northwest of the intersection of Morse Rd. and High St.
Bus Access... there is a Park and Ride right there at Leland Ave.  You don't even have to park if you live in … (2 comments)

sharon heights: High St. in Clintonville... never too late... - 07/24/10 01:48 AM
High St. in Clintonville what is missing now?  A landmark on High St.  at 5250 N. High St... Make that 5205  N. High St.  High Street at Westview so that would be Sharon Heights, a Clintonville community.  The Pierce Cleaners sign that you always had to glance to look and see what it said.

The front and back of the Pierce Cleaners sign could be different pithy statements so you had to look  to  see coming and going.  Or use your rear view mirror to read what the Pierce Cleaners sign said.   Carefully of course.  High St.  has lots of … (4 comments)

sharon heights: Sharon Heights everything turns out allright - 07/23/10 01:05 AM
It's a proud day for Sharon Heights a Columbus neighborhood.  COTA is NOT going to disrupt the Sharon Heights neighborhood with a bus turnaround where a strip mall stands near the corner of High and Kanawha.
Sharon Heights neighborhood map  and surrounding area.
The Columbus Dispatch article about the outcome  Outcry in Clintonville Sinks COTA Turnaround Plan is written by Collin Binkley.  It says: 
"Facing pressure from Clintonville residents, the board of the Central Ohio Transit Authority unanimously turned down a proposal last night to transform a fully occupied N. High Street strip mall into a turnaround for buses."
Reading articles … (0 comments)

sharon heights: the Delawanda Park neighborhood - 07/21/10 02:33 AM
The Delawanda Park neighborhood is in north Columbus near the Delawnda Park and Ride on High St. The Delawanda Park neighborhood is near Delawanda Park, a city of Columbus Park on the Olentangy River... the park named Delawanda Park  is also known as Kenney Park.
Where is Delawanda Park, the neighborhood?  South of Graceland and north of Old Beechwold.  Back in the 1920s and 1930's this area had a Worthington mailing address, it was out in the country... well in Sharon Township.  Did neighborhoods like Delawanda Park, Old Beechwold, Tremont Gardens have Worthington mailing adresses into the 1950s?  or 1960s? 
Streets … (1 comments)

sharon heights: Columbus City Parks with aliases - Delawanda Park - 06/21/10 04:01 AM
Columbus City Parks with aliases Delawanda Park may be shown on maps but Delawanda is an alias...
Google calls it Delawanda Park...
View Larger Map  
but Delawanda Park is AKA Kenney Park.
"Also known as"  as a kid I read the book 'Helter Skelter' about the Manson Family murders ...  perhaps I skipped a paragraph or two...  I believe it was the pictures of the Manson family members... they had "AKA" names.  I read it as "Ahka" throughout the books.  I think I knew it meant they used other names.  It may  have been my first crime book because "Also … (2 comments)

sharon heights: The Delawanda - 06/18/10 01:34 AM
The Delawanda was where the Delawanda Park and Ride is today.  The Delawanda was a "tea-room" in the late 20s and early 1930s.  The Delawanda would have been in an unincorporated area, Sharon Township back in the 1920s and 1930s, north of Columbus.  The Delawanda had a Worthington address, the Village of Worthington would have been closer than a Columbus post office at the time?  It makes me wonder if Old Beechwold had a Worthington address in the 1920s and 1930s. The park and ride is north of Rathbone Rd. The Old Beechwold neighborhood is just south of Rathbone Rd.
4939 … (0 comments)

sharon heights: Columbus Ohio 43214 home sales up 28.2% - 06/09/10 08:44 PM
Columbus Ohio 43214 home sales brought to you by Maureen McCabe Real Living HER

The graph shows home sales for the past 15 months for single family homes in the  Columbus Ohio 43214 ZIP code.  Dark green is home sales, light green is inventory,  The red line is pending sale.
Columbus Ohio 43214 home sales a market report
Homes for sale 163Homes sold 50Month of inventory 3.3
Average active price $229,000Average sale price $196,000Median sale price $186,000
Columbus Ohio 43214 neighborhoods
Columbus Ohio 43214 is the Beechwold Post Office.   Neighborhoods in the 43214 ZIP code include Beechwold, … (0 comments)

sharon heights: Clintonville area... Zillow refers to it as Sharon Heights - 06/08/10 03:58 AM

The Clintonville area... Zillow refers to it as Sharon Heights!  Or at least some of the Clintonville area is Sharon Heights according to Zillow.  The northern part of the corridor between Clintonville and the City of Worthington.  Zillow has maps showing the area referred to as Sharon Heights.

Could you live in "Sharon Heights" and not even know it?
Zillow's Sharon Heights seems to run from the southern border of Worthington south to Morse Rd (and Rathbone Rd, west of High St.)  Western border?  The Olentangy River?  Eastern border???  I71?  The rail road tracks?
The REAL  Sharon Heights

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