trulia: ARG & the Syndicators: The Rest of the Story - 05/02/12 12:41 AM
It's been three months?  The rest of the story
Jim Abbott's first video was three months ago?  It's hard to believe it's been three months since ARG stopped their listings from going to, Trulia and Zillow. ARG is a small real estate company in San Diego. 
Does your broker or mls send your listings to and Zillow? (not a syndicator? Conversations from three months ago... is different than and Zillow... )/ Is syndication of listings good or bad for your sellers?  You?  Your brokerage? Buyers in your market?  
ARG was not … (21 comments)

trulia: Worthington home buyers Googling YOUR home address - 08/03/11 02:05 AM
Home sellers a question... 
Q. Worthington home buyers Googling YOUR home's address online is truly important.  Or is it? 
Would a buyer be searching for your address? a ginormous real estate site tells you to Google your address. 
Would home buyers looking for Worthington Ohio homes for sale be searching for your address?  Perhaps... if the buyer is sitting in front of your house they may search the Internet for your address.   On Google or another search engine.  Google is the biggest.
They do. 
Buyers do Google your address. 
When they see the sign.
If they have a … (5 comments)

trulia: ActiveRain Real Estate Questions - 06/02/11 01:12 AM

Have you answered consumer's real estate questions on ActiveRain?  Trulia?  Zillow? 
I am Re-Blogging Niki's post.  I remember when the Questions & Answers section (link in Niki's post)  was introduced.  I believe I have probably answered less than one half dozen questions and two of those I answered this morning AFTER reading Niki's post a couple of times.
Only 11 questions have been asked in Ohio since January 1, 2011, on ActiveRain.  I thought the Questions & Answers section was gone... or buried.  The ActiveRain Questions & Answers  show up well in Google for queries like "Real Estate Questions" … (16 comments)

trulia: Harrison West neighborhood using Trulia Voices to page.... - 05/02/11 01:08 AM
Historic Harrison West is a city of Columbus neighborhood, Renaissance Village Townhomes are in Harrison West.
View Harrison West in a larger map is a real estate site. 
Trulia Voices are questions about real estate...
I thought using to page someone was interesting.  With everyone carry cell phones and before that personal pagers you do not hear people paging over an intercom system as you used to. 
On Trulia a consumer wrote "I want to talk to Rob Harris."I thought of "paging Dr. Rob Harris.  Dr. Rob Harris to the emergency room stat"  when I saw this question from … (0 comments)

trulia: No, I can't explain why it says that on Zillow or Trulia! - 12/23/10 11:33 PM
Sorry. No, I can't explain why it says that on Zillow or Trulia!
Trulia and Zillow are big national sites that provide info about real estate. The real estate information on Trulia and Zillow is not even necessarily real estate for sale.  It's just real estate  information.
Trulia and Zillow are real estate search sites popular with buyers, nationally.
Zillow has Zestimates (estimates of real estate value that are not very accurate) Matt Grohe in  Des Moines Iowa wrote this post about Trulia and Zillow, two of the Big Three Real Estate sites.
Houses may be UnZillowable a concept from the … (9 comments)

trulia: Trulia "I have a REALTOR" help - 09/29/10 12:48 AM
"and I have a REALTOR"... is a phrase in a question on the Trulia yesterday. Home Seller Columbus OH asks:

"How can I get my house sold as soon as possible in this market?  The house is staged and I have a realtor."
In the past I've read plenty of talk about agents from outside the area stepping in to answer questions for consumers on Trulia and Zillow.  It is irritating to see questions about Ohio (just using my state as an example) real estate laws, local customs answered by an agent from New Jersey, Florida or Illinois.
Is … (60 comments)

trulia: It's my lucky day! Mr. Cheng Liu found me on Trulia ... - 06/28/10 03:00 AM

It's My lucky day!  Mr. Cheng Liu  found me on Trulia ...
A search of Cheng Liu on ActiveRain brings up
SCAM ALERT - Mr. Lee Chang  by Angel L Ortiz Jr
Others  in the comments on Angel's post heard from Mr. Cheng Liu.
Pacita's post Scam Alert Cash Buyer
Agents on Zillow hear from Mr. Cheng Liu

Remember Liz Casey?  A real estate scam 
That was different... running up phone bills.

trulia: Desperate Seller on ________ Dr. Columbus Ohio 43230 - 05/08/10 02:42 AM
Desperate Seller on ________ Dr. Columbus Ohio 43230
I have removed the consumers name and email address as well as the link to the property.
Dearest Columbus Coldwell Banker Agent,
Your desperate seller on _________ Dr. Columbus Ohio 43230 has resorted to contacting agents through
Desperate Seller on ________ Dr. Columbus Ohio 43230 or perhaps just gung ho?
I've had sellers promote their listed homes on my blogs before.
What my phone said was   "_____ ____  wants to chat with you."   The Title on the email is "_____  ____ found you on Trulia"   Good marketing … (7 comments)

trulia: Bye Bye ActiveRain - 02/08/10 11:14 PM
Bye Bye ActiveRain.... don't worry I am not going anyhere....
I ran into this prediction recently... 
Real Estate WebTrainer  - Social Networking websites must learn from ActiveRain's announcement
" Today, Feb 16th 2009, came the announcement that Activerain will monetize from Agents when they Blog!!! (Forgetting that it was those Blogs that made the Network Powerful with Search Engines.)
The power of Activerain will then diminish as loyal participants realize that they hold such a power with their ideas and their content and will choose to participate in other friendlier platforms."
It seems last year on February 16, 2009 ActiveRain's demise … (19 comments)

trulia: Threat to Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist - 07/06/09 04:24 AM
Google is going to have property listings on their maps... according to Silicon Valley Insider in Google Maps Will Now Include Property Listings (GOOG)  says: "Google's (GOOG) new service is a threat to Web companies in the real estate classified space like Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist"  
A threat if Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist are in Australia... Are they?  The SVI article says Google has property listings  on maps in Australia now but will have property listings on Google maps in the US, soon. 
Whose listings will Google have in Australia?  According to the SVI article by Preethi Dumpala listings from the … (9 comments)

trulia: ActiveRain's got gas.... - 07/05/09 04:49 AM
Lenn compared Google links on ActiveRain, Inman,, Zillow, etc.
ActiveRain losing gas? By what measurement?
Lenn is comparing Google Backlinks and Pages Indexed...  
I can't help comparing traffic but if you put huge sites like and Zillow in it makes ActiveRain look dinky... but I am comparing to and to another social network for the real estate industry with blogs. Realtown is older than
Permalink to graph stats
Yearly growth in traffic for ActiveRain has grown over 40%. And look at that kinda pinky link there.... that is … (36 comments)

trulia: Central Ohio's best real estate search? - 05/06/09 02:28 AM
Well maybe not best but what search do you use to find local homes?  This post is written to consumers not the real estate industry or real estate social media gurus (as both groups might be biased!)
Use more than one?  Vote for more than one... you can vote to up to six... hopefully you are NOT trying to use six searches to find local homes....
Online Surveys & Market Research I first asked the question, long, long ago in 2006 on the original Columbus Best Blog (name later changed to Discover Columbus) a Realtown blog... When I first asked, I … (0 comments)

trulia: Celebrities caught in housing pickle... - 01/31/09 01:12 AM

Celebrities caught in housing pickle is the headline of a Trulia Newsletter that recently hit my mailbox.
"Here are three celebs who've reduced their prices on Trulia in hopes of snagging a buy."
The words "on Trulia" is a link to in the email (SPAM?) in my mailbox, to Columbus Ohio on Trulia.  Columbus celebrities??
I bite... because welll....who can resist celebrities??  Celebrity's homes...
The email (SPAM?) from says:
"If you think you’re the only one having hard time selling, think again.  Even celebrities with multi-million dollar pads are struggling to sell their homes in today's market. … (32 comments)

trulia: "a fun, voyeuristic tool" - 12/13/06 08:52 AM

No, no not more Zillow!  Yes more ... but more too.  
According to a December 7, blog entry on The Real Estate Economy "Zillow is an ad-driven content site designed for buyers and nosey neighbors, or in the words of a Trulia staffer"...  "a fun, voyeuristic tool."
Maybe it's the use of an traffic graph that attracted me.. to the first December 7 entry on The Real Estate Economy about  "where Zillow took a wrong turn in it's strategy relative to Trulia"  called "How out-flanked Zillow"
The Real Estate Economy blog's second Zillow post December 7, 2006 was  the … (11 comments)

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