upper arlington: Parking Garages in Central Ohio Suburbs - 01/11/09 09:37 PM
Gahanna built a parking garage when they built Creekside.
A Columbus Dispatch article written by Martin Rozenman  Parking garages popping up in the suburbs   does not mention the garage at Easton.  Because the article is about "suburbs" and while Easton is suburban it is NOT a suburb.  The Columbus Dispatch says:
"Planners are redesigning their town centers into more attractive, walkable locations that recall small-town America's past. They plot compact collections of stores, restaurants and offices that promote the mantra of the '00s: Live, work and play here. But where do workers, shoppers and residents park their cars?"

upper arlington: Central Ohio 'Neighborhood Prices Slide' - 08/03/07 12:21 AM

An article about Columbus making PMI's list of one of the 10 Least Risky markets in the US caught my eye.
A Sunday July 29, 2007 Columbus Dispatch article entitled "Housing market seen as stable"  subtitled "Central Ohio's history makes huge price drop unlikely, analysts say"  said:
"Even so, all neighborhoods are not equal. Some pockets of central Ohio, such as Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Powell, saw swift price increases during the earlier part of this decade and have since watched prices slide."
That paragraph puzzled me.  Problems in the  Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Powell neighborhoods? Prices slid? Oh my!  "Slid" is a … (2 comments)

upper arlington: Central Ohio Census - 06/28/07 04:56 AM
Columbus is still the 15th largest US city according to recent estimates by the US Census Bureau.    
The Columbus Dispatch article about new population information was more locally focused than articles I read about the new information in most large newspapers and even newspapers in Ohio outside Central Ohio (Dayton Daily, Akron Beacon Journal) or maybe I just found the wrong articles.     
Central Ohio population to three leaders are Powell (+ 83.2%), New Albany (+73.0%) and Pickerington (+ 66.1%) according to a table in the Columbus Dispatch article.    The Columbus Dispatch rticle written by Lisa Halverstadt and Jim Woods has great tables and graphics:
A map in the … (5 comments)

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