worthington history: Ghostly Worthington History - 10/31/12 06:52 AM
Ghostly Worthington history... Worthington College, The First Eclectic Medical College... in the middle west. 
The medical college in Worthington is long gone. There is a plaque on the Kilbourne Building (the brick building on the Worthington Green.)   The plaque tells the history of Worthington College.  Well the plaque does not tell the story in as great a detail as the 2007 video by the Worthington Library and the Worthington Historical Society.
Happy Halloween 2012 Trick-or-Treat is today from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m in Worthington, like most of central Ohio.
Worthington -  Halloween
Worthington's Best Neighborhoods for Trick … (0 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Fall Festival 2012 - 10/11/12 10:34 PM
The 2012 Fall Festival in Worthington is Saturday on the Village Green.

Artists Crafts Children’s activity area Hayrides Music Food vendors The Worthington Fall Festival Saturday is sponsored by the Olde Worthington Business Association. The Worthington Fall Festival is Saturday, October 13, 2012 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The Worthington Fall Festival is on the Worthington Green (just north of downtown which is pictured.) 
Details are on the Worthington.org site.
There is a Farmer's Market on High Street in Worthington Saturday morning... that is what is picutured.  The photo is High St. in Worthington in 2010.  
Fall Festival … (0 comments)

worthington history: the Journey to Settle Worthington, Ohio - 05/12/12 02:58 PM
the Journey to Settle Worthington,  Ohio  - a mural.
Saturday in Worthington you could visit the studio of Lynn Bird overlooking the Worthington Green and see the mural she is painting.  And I did. 

 Worthington's Historical Treasures -  May 2012 Opportunities 
The  Worthington Historical Society said:
"You Are Cordially Invited… to see Lynn Bird, Worthington artist, in her studio, as she paints the mural "Six Weeks and Seven Hundred Miles"
Lynn Bird's studio is upstairs from Wren House at 693-1/2, Suite 102. 
The Worthington Historical Society site also said "--just go up the stairs and turn to the … (3 comments)

worthington history: Worthington's Historical Treasures - May Opportunities - 05/03/12 04:51 AM

Worthington's Historical Treasures - May opportunities to see history in your backyard
"May is National Preservation Month" according to PreservationNation.org:"May is National Preservation Month and this year’s theme is “Discover America's Hidden Gems.” Communities from coast to coast are filled with unexplored historic treasures—and May’s the month to celebrate them!" 
If you are in central Ohio you can discover history on the streets of Worthington:  Discover Worthington's Hidden Gems (many out in the open.)
Worthington Historical Society
Visit the Worthington Historical Society online for information about the museums and historical sites in the City of Worthington including:
Orange Johnson House  … (0 comments)

worthington history: Discover Worthington's Hidden Gems! - 04/30/12 11:30 PM
 Discover Worthington Ohio's historical gems!
May is National Preservation Month.  A month to "Discover" hidden gems according to one preservation site.  The "gems"  are historical gems... the nice thing about Worthington is the historical gems are not well hidden.  Worthington is full of preserved history.  Worthington is a New England village that was transplanted to the midwest.  A community planned in New England and founded in 1803. Even if you are not in Old Worthington or Worthington, and just in Central Ohio there is history in your own backyard, on the north side of Franklin County in the City of Worthington. … (5 comments)

worthington history: W. Wilson Bridge Rd. in Worthington, the way it was - 12/08/11 02:14 AM
A photo of W. Wilson Bridge Rd. in Worthington in 1937...

A photo of W. Wilson Bridge Road in Sharon Township in 1937. As Don O'Brien who took the photo of his friend and his brother says at the time, W. Wilson Bridge was not in the Worthington Corporation at the time... it was years before the area was annexed to the city of Worthington. I am guessing the mailing address for W. Wilson Bridge at the time would have been Worthington, Ohio? 
The photo is of course, not of W. Wilson Bridge Road!  The photo was taken in 1937 … (4 comments)

worthington history: Worthington, Ohio: October 24, 1938 - 10/24/11 04:32 AM
Worthington, Ohio October 24, 1938  - corn husking
 A photo from a farm on the east side of Worthington in 1938.  Don O'Brien (Dok1 on Flickr) took the photo at a corn husking. This photo is of the starting gun at the corn husking.
Mr. O'Brien identifies the event as taking place at the Walter Williams farm on Galena Road at the juncture with E. Wilson Bridge Road.
A map of that area today:
Map - the intersection of Worthington Galena and E. Wilson Bridge Road today.  It is not rural now.  There are businesses on the north-side of E. … (0 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Lantern Tour - 10/21/11 03:23 PM
I stopped by the office this evening... and went out the front door and stepped back in time.
You can not see the lantern, it was on the ground in the doorway, it is behind her skirt in this photo.  The couple is dressed up for the Civil War era.  I believe the Worthington Lantern Tour was a Worthington Historical Society event.

worthington history: Worthington schools - Back to school 2011 - 07/18/11 10:53 PM
Worthington schools -  Back to school 2011....

Worthington's first day of school is August 23, 2011
Sunday's Columbus Dispatch reported that Westerville and Grandview Heights first day of school this year is August 17, 2011!
School Days...  when did school start when you "were a kid?"
Glee...  1937
Worthington Schools - old school
Worthington Schools  - "I don't recall our school having any "snow days"
Worthington History - Slate Hill School- Slate Hill was Sharon Township Schools
The back to school image is a Real Living ecard.  I am an agent with Real Living HER.

worthington history: Franklin County's first newspaper was born 200 years ago - 07/11/11 02:45 PM
Today on Facebook the Worthington Historical Society said:  "200 years ago today, in 1811 the Western Intelligencer, Franklin County's first newspaper, began publication." Worthington was established in 1803 by settlers from Connecticut and Massachusetts, Worthington was a planned community.  According to a joint project  by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress, called Chronicaling America the first volume of the Western Intelligencer, the first volume of the Worthington Ohio based newspaper was published July 17, 1811. 
The Western Intelligencer was published as a weekly newspaper from 1811 to 1817.  James Kilbourne was the publisher of the Western … (3 comments)

worthington history: Worthington, Ohio - the history of water - 06/25/11 03:11 AM
The Village of Worthington, Ohio - the history of water...
Early settlers would have used the Olentangy River water?  Then the individual properties would have had wells?
According to the timeline on Worthington Memory, June 25, 1912 Worthington, Ohio got public water. Or a decision was made that day to provide public water to residents of the village of Worthington. That's  99 years ago today!
A Worthington water tower.... later.

The photo of High Street in Worthington, Ohio is years later, 1948. 
I believe I remember a photo of water towers on Dublin Granville Road at some point.  Where the … (7 comments)

worthington history: Old Worthington Businesses - 06/06/11 01:51 AM
Old Worthington Businesses in the 1940's?

The photo is compliments of Dok1 on Flickr, Don O'Brien.  Don O'Brien grew up in the Worthington area and photographed the streets of Worthington, primarily in the 1930s and 1940s.  The businesses are car dealerships and a gas station?  Looks like there was a car wash... maybe  "service station."
Don O'Brien wrote about the photo on Flickr:
"The view is of the east side of High Street (US23) just north of New England. Clark Chevrolet is at the left and Worthington Motor Sales in the center."
He identifies the photo as 1949 and … (6 comments)

worthington history: Columbus: Can you hear me now? - 05/24/11 03:42 PM
Worthington, Ohio to Columbus: "Can you hear me now?"  - May 23, 1881. That's 130 years ago*.
"Telephone communications between Worthington and Columbus were completed Saturday, May 23, 1881. "
According to page 16 in  "An Historical Sketch of Worthington, 1803-1953" a "Worthington Sesquicentennial Celebration Booklet"  on the Worthington Memory site, telephone communications were completed between Columbus and Worthington in 1881.

Worthington in 1881 was a sleepy little village.
Worthington was still a village in 1953, when Worthington celebrated it's Sesquicentennial.   Colonial Hills was not annexed for a few more years... that's how Worthington grew to a city, since … (4 comments)

worthington history: Flint School - 04/07/11 04:45 AM
Flint School is gone. 
The Flint School sat there at the corner of Park and Flint Roads from the 1920s until a few weeks ago.  The school had NOT been used since the 1960s.  I believe since 1963.  On a site called 'Forgotten Ohio on the page about Flint' it says of the Flint School building "The small school building where Flint's children attended class is still standing, neatly boarded up, in a park at the corner of Park Street and Flint Road."
Something about the old school public school building that served the Flint and Sharon Township area reminded … (2 comments)

worthington history: Worthington's Anniversary - 03/09/11 10:10 PM
The Worthington Historical Society said yesterday was Worthington's Annivesary.

I started to write this post saying  that today was Worthington's Anniversary, then realized the Worthington Historical Society said "Today"  on Facebook yesterday.  I just did not see it until today.
Happy Belated Anniversary Worthington.
Worthington incorporated on March 9, 1835. Worthington was founded in 1803 and incorporated in 1835.
The Worthington Historical Society is on Facebook.
If I am not mistaken Worthington did not become a city until almost 100 years later.  That's on the Worthington Timeline somewhere. The Worthington Historical Society  has a relatively new website.  The link in … (0 comments)

worthington history: Christmas Morning in Worthington - Winter is colorful, after all. - 12/25/10 02:25 AM
Christmas Morning in Worthington Ohio 1928

Don O'Brien and his younger brother David on Christmas morning in 1928, in one of black and white photos he shares on Flickr.   Actually their house on W. Wilson Bridge Road was north of Worthington.  The house at 130 W. Wilson Bridge Rd. was out in the country north of the Village of Worthington in the 1920s. The Village of Worthington, what is now called "Old Worthington" was from North St. to South St. and Morning St. to Evening St., West Wilson Bridge Rd. was way out in the country in Sharon Township.  … (3 comments)

worthington history: Spirit of Christmas Past in Worthington - December 24, 1933 - 12/24/10 12:43 PM
St. Johns Episcopal Church, Worthington Ohio

St. Johns Episcopal Church bell first rang on December 24, 1933 according to a 1960s  Worthington Chamber Booklet on Flickr.  In 1933 the first church in Worthington got a bell, finally.  Or was it a replacement for an earlier bell?  The Worthington church already had a long past by 1933 when it got a bell:   
"On February 6, 1804, the Articles of Agreement establishing St. John's Church of Worthington were executed" 
From the Timeline on the Worthington Memory Site.
Worthington was established in 1803.
Life in 1933 
1933  was the Great Depression

worthington history: New Homes in Historic Worthington Neighborhood - 12/14/10 12:51 AM
When you think of historic Worthington you think of colonial revival architecture or I do.... but Rush Creek Village in Worthington is on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Worthington Ohio modern! The community of Usonian style homes are historic. Did you see the article in last Sundays Columbus Dispatch about the two NEW homes being built in Rush Creek Village now.  Written by Jim Weiker  "  Couples faced, overcame myriad obstacles in quest to build in Worthington's historic Rush Creek"  but they are "hammering them out"
The Usonian style development, a historic Worthington neighborhood is on the south east side … (2 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Ohio Christmas Past - 12/06/10 11:40 PM
Worthington Ohio Christmas Eve 1941

Worthington school students caroling on Christmas Eve 1941.  
This is one of Don O'Brien's Worthington photos from his Flickr photostream.  I am sharing this photo today December 7, 2010 because of a comment left on it...  a couple of months ago.  I keep thinking of the comment left by Toureasy47201 on Mr. O'Brien's photo:
"I wonder what thoughts they had, this being a little over two weeks after Pearl Harbor had been attacked."
The description of the photo says the carolers were on W. Stafford Avenue, Worthington Ohio at the Worthington Presbyterian minister's … (1 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Business - 11/06/10 03:17 AM

Worthington Business
Worthington Motor Sales 1947 from Don O'Brien, who is Dok1 on Flickr
The photo is linked to the photo in O'Brien's 'Worthington Business' set which is part of his 'Worthington Ohio: My Hometown' Collection on Flickr.  There is a great conversation about the origins of the building and where the business moved later on the comments there. 
Worthington Motor Sales was on New England Avenue. I assume it was on the corner of High St. and New England.  Northeast or southeast?
News yesterday was that Worthington Ohio is something special!  Ohio Magazine named Worthington an Ohio's  Best Hometown … (3 comments)

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