worthington history: Glee... - 11/10/09 07:35 PM
It's not the 2009 TV show Glee (I've seen it a couple of times...) Worthington Glee Club 1937 from Don O'Brien who grew up in Worthington.  Visit O'Brien's  Flickr photostream for lots of interesting photos of Worthington from the 1930s and 1940s. 

O'Brien wrote on Flickr,  "I was in 7th grade when I took the photo with my 620 Kodak folding camera. I think Miss Sanford, the Worthington school music teacher is the leader. I don't recognize any of the girls because they were several years older than I was. The photo was taken in the … (2 comments)

worthington history: Worthington's Kilbourne Memorial Building renovation - 10/27/09 01:05 PM

Early October News on the Worthington.org site - Worthington's Kilbourne Memorial Building is getting a little work done.
Kilbourne exterior work  a .pdf document says: 
"The former library and later School Board office, now owned by the City of Worthington, is getting a facelift including many exterior improvements."
Old landscaping ripped out... new to be installed in the spring of 2010
New metal roof
New gutters
Paint on the trim
I had walked around Worthington's Kilbourne Memorial Building and took some photos in August.  It needed some work.
I took these photos today with the paint scraped off the … (1 comments)

worthington history: Worthington - October 24, 1938 - 10/23/09 11:09 PM

Worthington - October 24, 1938
Don O'Brien identifies his photo as "Fund Raising at Corn Husking Contest" on Flickr and says this was October 24, 1938.  He says candy bars cost 5 cents.
He also identifies the event as taking place at the Walter Williams farm on Galena Road at the juncture with E. Wilson Bridge Road. 

Map - the intersection of Worthington Galena and E. Wilson Bridge Road today.  There are businesses on the north-side of E. Wilson Bridge Road backing to 270 now. Wonder if there was a Huntley Road back then.  East of the junction … (8 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Ghost Story - The Tale of Rap, Rap, Rap - 10/12/09 11:31 PM
A video of "The Tale of Rap, Rap, Rap" -  a Worthington Ghost Story

A spooky Worthington tale brought to you by the Worthington Public Library.
Today the old building is 'Fine Lines'  a store that sells paper, cards, stationery, wrapping paper, wedding invitations, pens... and that sort of thing.
'Fine Lines' is at 657 High Street in Worthington, in Old... Olde Worthington. The story goes the building on High Street just north of the Worthington Inn was built in 1890 as a general store.
The Worthington Library site says:
" At the time the store was in business … (2 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Football Friday Night - 10/09/09 12:37 AM
Worthington Football Friday Night  - 1941

Another photo of Worthington from an earlier era from Don O'Brien who grew up in Worthington. 
O'Brien's Flickr photostream has lots of pictures of Worthington from the 1930s and 1940s. Link to his Flickr photostream in the photo credit at the bottom.
I don't really know that it was a Friday night game.  The "Football Friday Night, Football Friday Night" thing just popped into my head looking at the photo.  Channel 4?
Worthington  Football Friday Night  - VIPs at a football game
Who were the Worthington VIPs at the Football game?  According to … (6 comments)

worthington history: An older Old Worthington, the business district - 09/29/09 03:56 AM
Old Worthington Business District  in 1938 or 1939
I don't like the e on the end of  the old in "Old Worthington", that is how the Worthington business association spells it, Olde Worthington.  The residential area surrounding the businesses on High Street is called Old Worthington, I am using it for all of it.  
Another old picture from Don O'Brien who grew up in Worthington. If you have an interest in Worthington History you have to visit his photos on Flickr for pictures of Worthington in the 1930s and 1940s.

Old Worthington Business District - corner of High … (11 comments)

worthington history: Old Worthington's Clearview Subdivision - 09/16/09 02:21 AM
Old Worthington's Clearview Subdivision - brought to you by Maureen McCabe
I guess I don't think of there being subdivisions within Old Worthington but of course there are, because Old Worthington is the historic Village of Worthington which was planned and built by pioneers from New England.  In 'Worthington Neighborhoods' a book written by Jennie McCormick and published by the Worthington Historical Society, Clearview is NOT one of the neighborhoods described but there is information about the Clearview Subdivision in the the "chapter" (one page) on Medick Estates since Frank C. Medick was developing it at the same time he was … (0 comments)

worthington history: Worthington's Medick Estates neighborhood - 09/15/09 10:46 PM

Medick Estates neighborhood
Maureen McCabe - I've never sold a home in Medick Estates IF I have ever even shown a home in Medick Estates it's been years. Medick Estates are Worthington's "mansions"  when we moved to Columbus from Dayton we went looking for "mansions" in Upper Arlington but we could not find them.  We did not know where to look in Upper Arlington or elsewhere in Columbus for mansions.  People told us Upper Arlington was like Oakwood in the Dayton area.  No one mentioned Marble Cliff, or east side mansiony Columbus areas.  No one mentioned areas to gawk … (3 comments)

worthington history: Worthington football - 09/15/09 03:48 AM
Worthington football - at this weeks football games the Worthington spectators will probably look a little different than they did back in 1941.
Mike Harden's Columbus Dispatch column on Sunday was about a new book written by a gentleman from Bexley.  I wrote about that column on ColumbusBestBlog.com   Sorry, Downtown Columbus is Closed
“Once upon a time.. “   long, long before I ever moved to Columbus there was a downtown with ladies with hats and gloves and men in fedoras and suits according to Mike Harden’s column about a book written by David Cohen." 
They were even wearing fedoras in … (2 comments)

worthington history: 'Worthington Neighborhoods' - 09/12/09 12:19 AM
I am reading a book... 
I am reading a real honest to goodness print on paper book.  I used to be a big book reader but I have not really read books in years.  The title of the book , 'Worthington Neighborhoods'  gives away that it is not a novel.  The slim paperback was written by Jennie McCormick. 
I bought the book at the Old Rectory, the historic property at 50 W. New England Avenue, the corner of New England and Oxford, The Doll Museum. 
Some of what I have read so far is nothing new to me.  Some I knew … (3 comments)

worthington history: Old Worthington News - 08/29/09 12:03 AM
Historic area nominated for register"
I heard the Old Worthington News when I was in the office yesterday.  I heard from a Worthington Historical Society Member  that the state had accepted the nomination now it is up to the National Park service whether Old Worthington will be on the National Register of Historic Places.  Alan Johnson in the Columbus Dispatch wrote:
"The nomination of the Worthington Historic District -- bounded by North, Morning, South and Evening streets -- was approved yesterday by the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board." 
Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board
National Register … (0 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Ohio Grocery Store - Home Market - 07/30/09 02:57 AM
The only Worthington grocery store today is the Kroger at Worthington Square.  The only grocery store in the City of Worthington anyway.
Hot dog here's an old ad for Home Market a Worthington grocery store.  What a find a 1940 ad according to Don O'Brien who shared the ad (wrapping material) via his Flickr stream... Mr. O'Brien grew up in Worthington and has fabulous, "Old Worthington" photos on Flickr. Not Old Worthington like the neighborhood exactly but photos of what that neighborhood was like in the late 1930's and into the 1940's. That really was the Village of Worthington... at that … (4 comments)

worthington history: W. Wilson Bridge Road - Worthington history - 07/28/09 10:55 PM

130 W. Wilson Bridge Road was out in the country.
Don O'Brien sent me a link to his father's journal online a few months ago when I asked some questions about some of his old photos of Worthington on Flickr. Mr. O'Brien grew up in the Worthington area and was one heck of a photographer even as a kid.
I understood from reading parts of his father's journal the family  lived in Sharon Township but I was thinking of off Flint Road, or the Park Road area or out near Lazelle Road, out in the boonies.  I can conceive … (7 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Ohio this day in history - 06/18/09 12:11 AM
According to the Worthington.org site on this day in Worthington Ohio:
"It is difficult to imagine the peaceful village of Worthington near the battlefront of a war with a foreign power, but some 175 years ago that was very much the situation. This frontier settlement was less than ten years old when U.S. and British trade disputes led Congress to declare war June 18, 1812"  
Time goes on the Worthington Historical Society obviously penned that in 1987.... 
I had to look up what the War of 1812 was about.... who was fighting who for what.   I must have learned in … (3 comments)

worthington history: Worthington Cemetery Celebrates 150 Years - 06/05/09 10:09 PM

Worthington's Walnut Grove Cemetery is 150 years old.  There is a celebration at the historic cemetery on Sunday June 7, 2009 from 1:00 to 3:00.
The cemetery is 5561 Milton Avenue in Worthington, Ohio.  Just north of the southern border of Worthington and the city of Columbus. Cemetery Road will take you to Milton Avenue or you can get to it from W. Lincoln Rd.The Walnut Grove Cemetary is adjacent to the Davis Estate neighborhood on the south end of Worthington.  Antrim Park is on the west side of Walnut Grove Cemetery.
The Walnut Grove Cemetery had a float … (7 comments)

worthington history: Old Worthington - a historic district - 05/19/09 11:13 PM
Old Worthington is applying to be on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.  Again.
This Week Community News has the story,  Old Worthington applies to join list of national historic districts.  According to the newspaper article written by This Week News staff writer, Candy Brooks a 1999 effort to get Old Worthington on the list was denied because structures already on the list were included in the application. 
Most people are surprised that Old Worthington is not a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
According to the newspaper article: "The National Register is … (0 comments)

worthington history: Worthington's Rush Creek Village - 05/18/09 10:33 PM
View Larger Map The historic style brought to mind by Worthington is usually "colonial" or "colonial revival." Yet Worthington home to Rush Creek Village has a large neighborhood of mid-century modern homes.  The homes in Rush Creek Village were built in the Usonian style reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright.  The Rush Creek Village homes were designed by Theodore Van Fossen and built by Richard Wakefield.
Rush Creek Village is on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Rush Creek homes are distinctive with cinder block walls, flat roofs, no garages.
A New York Times Article, (here in the  San Diego Union … (0 comments)

worthington history: Worthington area history - 05/06/09 12:58 PM

This is a photo from March 1940 of the northwest corner of the intersection of Park Road and Galena Road from Don O'Brien's series on Flickr.  Mr. O'Brien who posts photos on Flickr as dok1 . Please visit his Flickr photo stream to walk the  Worthington Streets in a series of photos he took in the 1930's and 1940's, growing up in  the Worthington area.
This would have been way out in the country back then...  He wrote on a photo showing the Methodist Children's home on High Street, that it was in the country north of Worthington.  The north … (0 comments)

worthington history: Colonial Hills History - 04/27/09 11:05 PM
1950's video of Colonial Hills after a huge snowstorm....

I found the video via George Campbell's Colonial Hills History site. He says the storm in the video was in November 1950. November for anyone reading this from outside Central Ohio ... we don't usually have snow in November... a few flurries maybe...

Worthington's Colonial Hills
Colonial Hills - A History
Maureen McCabe Real Living HER Worthington

worthington history: The Kroger in Worthington - 04/27/09 04:55 AM

This is an old photo taken by  Don O'Brien who posts photos on Flickr as dok1 . Please visit his Flickr photo stream to walk the  Worthington Streets in a series of photos he took in the 1930's and 1940's, growing up in Worthington.  This photo is used with his permission.
In the comments on Flickr on O'Brien's photo titled "Uptown Worthington, Ohio 1939"  someone asks where was the Kroger store?  Does anyone know?  O'Brien says there was an A&P in Worthington too.   To me and my magnifying glass it looks like the A&P was two doors down.  Or … (6 comments)

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