worthington history: Worthington's "Mobile" Homes... - 04/27/09 01:03 AM
No there are no trailer parks in Worthington.
As a real estate agent I have never sold a mobile home or trailer... in any community.  I don't believe I have sold a modular home but who really knows. 
You are not going to find "trailers" in Worthington Ohio but a number of the historic homes and buildings in Worthigton have been moved over the years.   Some Old Worthington homes have moved  a time or two.
Here is an account of the Griswold House moving shortly before the cities bicentennial celebration in 2003:
Griswold House Renovation on the Worthington Bicentennial site.
The … (2 comments)

worthington history: Worthington a part of the plan - 04/26/09 11:51 PM
Worthington Ohio was a planned community.
The Ohio Historical Marker at 777 High Street in Worthington (the Griswold Center) says:
" Worthington A Planned Community
Based on a plan adopted by Scioto Company proprietors before their arrival in Ohio, Worthington was established following the New England model.  The town formed a grid patter around a village green.  Settlers were required  to own at least one town lot and a rural tract for farming.  Some setters were designated to operate the first tavern and sawmill.  The church and school were assigned double lots on the square and tracts to farm for … (2 comments)

worthington history: Old Worthington, really - 04/24/09 10:17 PM

Really this is a picture of Old Worthington. Not 1803 old... Worthington was established in 1803. When were camera's invented?  The photo is from the 1930's. Don O'Brien  dok1 on Flickr who grew up in Worthington shared it on Flickr (with a Creative Commons license that allows me to use the photo here.) 
If you want to see some great old, Old Worthington photos go to dok1's Worthington Streets series.  It's fun to picture the streets now and what it looks liked then.  I would assume High Street was narrower?  It is not a brick road anymore.  In his remarks … (0 comments)

worthington history: Columbus Rebirth in the Crosswoods Area - 04/12/09 05:36 AM
I did two tic-tac-toe (three rows across,  three columns down)  "Speechless Sunday" posts for Easter Sunday:
Worthington Easter Sunday 2009  the historic St. John's AME Church in Worthington is bottom center.
Columbus  Easter Sunday 2009  the new St. John's AME Church at Crosswoods is top left.

I must have read about it.  Yet I was surprised though when I went to take a photograph of the historic  St. John's AME Church that a new congregation worships there now... I Googled to find where St. John's AME had moved and found their website which gave their new address 7700 Crosswoods.  I … (0 comments)

worthington history: R-E-S-P-E-C-T - 04/04/09 10:54 PM


worthington history: Worthington's Ancient History - 04/02/09 11:58 PM

Worthington History
Worthington has more history than most Columbus suburbs or celebrates that history more than other Cental Ohio communities.  The history in the area goes back further than 1803 when settlers from Massachusetts and Connecticut settled the land east of the Olentangy River and named the village "Worthington."
Ancient History
The City of Worthington's website calls the Jeffers Mound west of the river,  "Worthington's Oldest Manmade Structure." The ancient Indian Earthworks are from the Hopewell culture. The mound was part of larger ancient earthworks. 
According to the City of Worthington website:
"The earthworks are believed to have been built … (9 comments)

worthington history: Old Worthington Building Gets New Options - 03/20/09 01:49 AM
The Worthington City Council approved new zoning for the Kilbourne Building.

The Kilbourne Building is the building facing the northeast quadrant of the Village Green.  The Kilbourne Building  is the building with the star.  The image is from the Franklin County Auditors site.
According to the article in the ThisWeek Community Newspapers Worthington edition the building is also known as the 752 Building.  I think of it as the old administrative office for the Worthington City Schools.  I had a client who worked there years ago pre email?  Pre everything being online anyway, so I used to drop things off … (0 comments)

worthington history: Worthington a New England village in Central Ohio - 08/24/06 01:16 PM

Worthington Ohio is a transplanted New England Village, settled by people from Connecticut.  Worthington is a Columbus suburb inside the 270 outerbelt. Worthington has a village green that is still used today, but cows do not graze there as they once did... (there are cows down the road but that's a different story... )  The village of Worthington was founded in 1803.
The Old Rectory is on the corner of New England Ave. and Oxford Street NOW. It's been moved.  The Old Rectory is owned by the Worthington Historical Society now. 
The Worthington Inn is still in … (2 comments)

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