zillow: Zillow PAW: Unlike ActiveRain and Localism - 06/05/12 11:09 PM

Like Zillow?   Not in the Facebook sense...
Zillow's new sites are "unlike the platform of Activerain and Localism"
Suzanne Roy mentioned ActiveRain and Localism on her post about the $10 Zillow sites (or free if you are a Zillow Premier Agent) post on InmanNext yesterday.  Suzanne refers to the new Zillow sites as PAW... premiere agent websites.
In Zillow Agent Sites: The Facts by Suzanne Roy her #5 fact mentions that the Zillow sites introduced last Friday are unlike ActiveRain and Localism that they are Standalone Sites.  5.  Zillow Agent Websites are Standalone Sites"While the platform of the Zillow Agent … (15 comments)

zillow: YOUR Worthington home a good value? - 05/29/12 01:54 AM
Is  YOUR Worthington home a good value?
Friday, the  New York Times had an article about home values comparing "Worthington" home values based on information from Zillow.
"In Columbus, Ohio, the highest housing values recorded by Zillow in 1996 were in the suburb of Worthington, where prices were 135 percent higher than in the struggling neighborhood of Short North, adjacent to the city’s center.  Today, Short North housing values are 30 percent higher than those of Worthington, and downtown Columbus has the highest housing values in that metropolitan area. " 
I saw the link to the New York times article shared … (0 comments)

zillow: Listing Syndication: "If you can't beat them" - 05/06/12 01:35 AM
Listing Syndication sites: "If you can't beat them"
How does the old saying go?  "If you can't beat them, join them" 

An old link to an old comment on an old post
Back on December 2006 I wrote a post  'Getting in bed with Zillow' on ActiveRain. There were a number of links in the post, all dead or redirected except one link.  A link to Zillow. One link still standing and it is to Zillow.
In a comment on the post 'Getting in bed with Zillow' I wrote:  "Jonathan Dalton wrote of Zillow, If you can't beat them...

zillow: ARG & the Syndicators: The Rest of the Story - 05/02/12 12:41 AM
It's been three months?  The rest of the story
Jim Abbott's first video was three months ago?  It's hard to believe it's been three months since ARG stopped their listings from going to Realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow. ARG is a small real estate company in San Diego. 
Does your broker or mls send your listings to Trulia.com and Zillow? Realtor.com (not a syndicator? Conversations from three months ago... Realtor.com is different than Trulia.com and Zillow... )/ Is syndication of listings good or bad for your sellers?  You?  Your brokerage? Buyers in your market?  
ARG was not … (21 comments)

zillow: Put a sock in it Brad! - 12/28/11 04:42 AM
Muffling another member's comment?  "Put a sock in it Brad..."  Brad Andersohn is the Zillow Outreach Manager, and a former ActiveRain employee. 
You do know when you delete comments we can still see what was said?  Deleting comments may not really muffle them... 

You do know when you delete comments we can still read what was said (in our email) ??
I broke the links...  above is what shows on "My Home" on ActiveRain.  The whole email is in my mailbox.... what Brad said about the topic... about traffic and websites.
I can not tell you what Brad said*  but it's in my mailbox.

zillow: No, I can't explain why it says that on Zillow or Trulia! - 12/23/10 11:33 PM
Sorry. No, I can't explain why it says that on Zillow or Trulia!
Trulia and Zillow are big national sites that provide info about real estate. The real estate information on Trulia and Zillow is not even necessarily real estate for sale.  It's just real estate  information.
Trulia and Zillow are real estate search sites popular with buyers, nationally.
Zillow has Zestimates (estimates of real estate value that are not very accurate) Matt Grohe in  Des Moines Iowa wrote this post about Trulia and Zillow, two of the Big Three Real Estate sites.
Houses may be UnZillowable a concept from the … (9 comments)

zillow: Please Vote for the Best Denver Blog - 11/15/10 11:34 PM
Vote for Kristal's blog - Denver Dwellings
I started to write a post the other day for ActiveRain and got sidetracked...  A Re-Blog of Kristal's post will have to do.
For those who wonder about WordPress   look at the bottom of Kristal's blog
Powered by WordPress. Built on the Simple Realty Theme 
Kristal's blog and site are gorgeous.  Vote for Denver Dwellings.  I did.
Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings
Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings * Denver Dwellings
Denver Dwellings * Denver … (5 comments)

zillow: How To Install and Customize ZILLOW Widgets - 10/21/10 01:47 AM
Brad's post is already Re-Blogged 9 times?  I am number 10.   Brad is a popular guy but it still kind of surprises me, being Zillow.
Are you going to the Zillow Academy class?   Would you put Zillow widgets on your blog or website. 
If they brought you LEADS?
I have mixed feelings about Zillow.  You?
Thanks to Brad for allowing the Re-Blog.  First Re-Blog I ever did on ActiveRain was one Brad did introducing Re-Blog.
How To Install and Customize Widgets on Your Blogs, Posts, and Sites.
In a previous post about the power and value of … (5 comments)

zillow: Congrats to Zillow's Spencer Rascoff - 09/14/10 09:50 AM
Congratulations are in order for Spencer Rascoff  the new CEO of Zillow.com.
Rich Barton is "stepping up" to chairman and farmer COO Rascoff is stepping up to CEO.
According to VentureBeat  Does Zillow CEO’s exit mean the IPO’s off? 
"The company has announced that COO Spencer Rascoff is replacing Barton as CEO. Zillow, of course, is trying to cast this as a smooth transition. Rascoff, formerly Zillow’s chief financial officer and head of marketing, has been running much of the company’s operations. And Barton is remaining as chairman, a classic move that Silicon Valley spinmasters like to call “stepping up,” not … (5 comments)

zillow: Help Zillow... photos, tours... - 07/24/10 07:21 AM
Help Zillow...   I need help with a property that was showing correctly on Zillow earlier this week
301 Girard Rd. Columbus Ohio 43214
301 Girard Rd. Columbus OH 43214 on Zillow
I have 20 + photos of a listing but Zillow is now only showing 4 and the wrong home tour is showing NOW.  The RED Real Living tour does NOT belong on Zillow.
Whats showing:

The view from the front is showing... rather than the picture of the front of the home, only three other photos are showing.  When I go into my listings the front exterior shows...  … (8 comments)

zillow: It's my lucky day! Mr. Cheng Liu found me on Trulia ... - 06/28/10 03:00 AM

It's My lucky day!  Mr. Cheng Liu  found me on Trulia ...
A search of Cheng Liu on ActiveRain brings up
SCAM ALERT - Mr. Lee Chang  by Angel L Ortiz Jr
Others  in the comments on Angel's post heard from Mr. Cheng Liu.
Pacita's post Scam Alert Cash Buyer
Agents on Zillow hear from Mr. Cheng Liu

Remember Liz Casey?  A real estate scam 
That was different... running up phone bills.

zillow: Zillow info doesn’t “pass the smell test” - 04/18/10 12:34 AM
"Zillow info doesn’t “pass the smell test”  is a quote from a Denver real estate site, InsideRealEstateNews.com about the recent Forbes.com article that used Zillow's info to deduce there were 42,000 listings on the market in Denver Colorado in January 2010, which in part made Denver end up on a Forbes.com list that says Denver is the number two worst selling housing markets in America.  Or that's how people are reading the Forbes.com article with accompanying slide show.... think Forbes says.
Let's get this one out first... Yes Zillow Zestimates Zuck!  This is about Zillow but not about Zestimates.  Thanks.
Kristal … (6 comments)

zillow: America's Absolute WORST Selling Housing Markets... or maybe not - 04/15/10 11:55 PM
View Larger Map America's Absolute WORST Selling Housing Markets.. or maybe not
Forbes.com published an article naming the 10 WORST real estate markets on April 5, 2010.  Forbes.com America's Worst - Selling Housing Markets by Francesca Levy.
Denver Colorado made the Forbes.com list at number two and Kristal Kraft said "I don't think so...." actually what Kristal said speaking for her market when a previous article about the list was  posted on Agent Genius: 
"Denver says Horse pucky to Forbes reporting."
She also said someone at Forbes.com was smoking something...  The numbers are way, way off.
Some of the data … (61 comments)

zillow: Appraisal Institute says Zestimates suck.. - 03/03/10 10:16 AM
The Appraisal Institute says "Zestimates suck, " No,  actually they are a lot smarter than that. Thomas A. Thomson, PhD,  Daniel R. Hollas, PhD, Ronald C. Rutherford, PhD did the study reported in  Appraisal Institute -  Zillow’s Estimates of Single-Family Housing Values  and they say Zestimates (an AVM or  Automated Valuation Model) are inacccurate.
Did you read all 7 pages before commenting that you could have told them Zestimates are inaccurate?    I skimmed it.  I can use it to get to sleep tonight.
The study said  Zillow's Zestimates are not accurate.   The Appraisal Institute Study  came out last week and  … (10 comments)

zillow: Bye Bye ActiveRain - 02/08/10 11:14 PM
Bye Bye ActiveRain.... don't worry I am not going anyhere....
I ran into this prediction recently... 
Real Estate WebTrainer  - Social Networking websites must learn from ActiveRain's announcement
" Today, Feb 16th 2009, came the announcement that Activerain will monetize from Agents when they Blog!!! (Forgetting that it was those Blogs that made the Network Powerful with Search Engines.)
The power of Activerain will then diminish as loyal participants realize that they hold such a power with their ideas and their content and will choose to participate in other friendlier platforms."
It seems last year on February 16, 2009 ActiveRain's demise … (19 comments)

zillow: Foreclosures Sell At 72% Of Market Price - Nationally - 02/03/10 05:37 PM
Interesting info about home value for foreclosed homes and regular home sales from Zillow.  Before anyone says they don't like or trust Zillow's Zestimates (estimates of homes values) know that this has nothing to do with Zestimates. 
Zillow is comparing sale price of Foreclosures and Non Foreclosures (regular home sales) and saying thye are two distinct markets.  
72% is the national figure,  Columbus is there at the bottom of the table that Sara Bonert from Zillow 45% for Columbus.  I have downloaded and started to read the white paper and should analyze what this means for Central Ohio in … (0 comments)

zillow: Zillow... where's Cinci? - 12/19/09 10:24 PM
Hey Zillow where's Cinci?  I am not asking geographically I got that down. I am asking why Zillow does not have Cincinnati information among US metro areas. Just wondering. I am trying to follow Spencer R's instructions for comparing foreclosures to falling home values for Columbus. Cinci being missing should NOT really concern me, yet I went out to dinner Saturday night and had a conversation about Zillow and Cinci being missing....
Zillow Home Value IndexYou need the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.Download the free Flash Player now!
More US Home Values 
Zillow's got Columbus!
I live and … (7 comments)

zillow: Zillow Announces Rental Listings! - 12/15/09 01:38 AM
Central Ohioans need help when it comes to finding rentals.  And landlords need help to find renters.  
We do NOT handle rentals in the Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS.
Without further ado from Sara Bonert at Zillow
I have an investment property in Florida. In the last three years, twice I’ve listed it for sale. Twice I’ve ended up renting it. Twice I’ve relied on my agentto help me with the decision making that took me down this path to simply get the home occupied. It is a big reality that today’s real estate market is forcing many … (5 comments)

zillow: Quarterly Homeowner Confidence Report Shows Levels Vary Across The Country - 11/29/09 10:09 PM
Columbus Metro area comparisons!
Zillow home values for the 3rd quarter are out. Zillow also does a survey about what people think home values are.
These are home values, all homes not just those on the market, or sold. This is a Re-Blog with some charts showing the Columbus Metro Area from Zillow.

Zillow Home Value IndexYou need the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.Download the free Flash Player now!
More US Home Values On another graph with just Columbus Metro and US, it is easier to see Columbus home values.
Zillow Home Value IndexYou need the latest version … (0 comments)

zillow: October Traffic Numbers By City On Zillow - 11/05/09 07:37 AM
Columbus is among the cities of course, you can find it on the 12 page list, but here's a quick snippet of Columbus :   

Those are " Year over Year Total Visitors"  for October, September, August, and July 2009.  Traffic on Columbus properties is way higher year over year increases than LA, San Francisco... I would think bigger cities, California cities would be paying lots more attention to home values. 
Recently I posted something about Columbus neighborhood values from Zillow on ColumbusBestBlog.com  (my main site) and got a comment from "zillowhater."
All of Real Living HER's listings … (0 comments)

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