key realty: The Transfer Process To Join Key Realty - 09/03/17 04:54 AM
Have you been thinking about switching to Key Realty but unsure of the process? Then, this blog is for you! I will cover the transfer process so you can start keeping more of your commissions.
First, you should find out as much information as possible about Key Realty. You can do this by visiting our recruiting site at and our agent site at Here you can find common questions about how the $4,200 works, our training calendar, links to online/classroom training, a list of all of our agents, and more. If you really want to dig in and research us, … (0 comments)

key realty: Team Leaders - You Don't Want To Miss These Two Events - 04/06/17 08:17 AM
Are you interested in starting a team? Do you want to take your team to the next level? You don't want to miss these two free Team Leader events!
  1. Initial Team Leader Training - Three-hour Team Leader CE - April 18th 1:00 - 4:00 in Upper Arlington. This Free CE covers:   * How to know if you are ready for a team * How to use virtual assistants * How to run a business versus having a job * The five stages of business growth * The different types of teams * Team compliance issues * Building your team * … (0 comments)

key realty: Key Realty Only $3,900 Annually - 02/10/17 08:53 AM
How Does The $3,900 Work?

It's simple. You sell $260,000 in real estate at 3% and we split the commission $3,900 to you and $3,900 to the company. After that, you receive 100% of the commission on the HUD for the rest of your calendar year.
No Franchise Fees, No Monthly Fees, No Per Transaction Fees, No Technology Fees, and No Surprises!
The Commissions are split 50/50 until you have paid the company $3,900 annually. This typically only takes 1 - 2 transactions. 
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What if I don't sell any homes?
      A. If you do not sell any homes the $3,900 … (1 comments)

key realty: Key Realty Training Program - 02/01/17 07:26 PM
Key Realty Training Program
Key Realty offers a robust training program that helps our agents close 134% more transactions than the state average. We offer more than 7 classroom training programs every month so that you receive the interaction necessary to decrease the learning curve.  We offer:
1. Fast Start Training Program - intense two day class takes you from passing the test to closing transactions. Topics include prospecting, lead generation, database management, scripts, buyer/seller presentations, contract training, and risk reduction. 
2. Key Education Series - advanced weekly training that covers communication, time management, financing, negotiating, objections, business planning, and more. 
3. Free Continuing Education … (0 comments)

key realty: What Would You Do With An Extra $20,000 Annually? - 12/10/16 09:50 AM
Dear Real Estate Professional,
If I could show you a way to have an extra $20,000 annually without changing your current productivity level would you be interested? What would you do with an extra $20,000 every year? 
Would you take a dream vacation or buy a luxury car with that extra $1,600 per month?
I would like to suggest another alternative for your new found $20,000 - invest it in your business. You can invest those savings in lead generation systems to double, triple, or quadruple that money. Here is how … (1 comments)

key realty: Brokerage Continues to Grow Saving Agents Thousands! - 03/05/16 07:25 AM
Key Realty Continues To Grow - Saving Agents Thousands!Key Realty has grown to over 650 agents throughout the company. Read below to see why agents are making the switch! If you would like to have the training and tools to close more deals while paying less to your broker, please contact me for a confidential meeting. Please call/text 614.937.4162 or email to set an appointment.
Training - Key Realty offers an excellent classroom training program that you can attend before joining.  Fast Start Training Program - geared towards helping newer agents get a fast start Free Continuing Education - 3 hours offered each month … (0 comments)

key realty: 10 Things Your Broker Should Have Told You - Part 2 - 06/02/15 11:14 PM
Welcome to the second part of a 2 part series regarding "10 Things Your Broker Should Have Told You". If you missed the first part you can access is here - 10 Things Your Broker Should Have Told You - Part 1. 
New agents often don't know what they don't know. Choosing the right brokerage firm will make or break an agent in the first two years. Here are a few more secrets that your broker should have told you:
6. You Can't Ever Know Everything - Only a tiny part of what people learn in licensing school has any bearing on what real … (2 comments)

key realty: Are you looking for Key Realty? - 03/21/15 11:58 PM
Are you looking for a brokerage firm that provides structured monthly training?
Are you looking for a brokerage firm that offers a great commission plan?
Are you looking for a brokerage that makes it priority # 1 to answer questions and support their agents?
Then you are looking for Key Realty!

Key Realty is looking for agents that are looking for us. Key Realty provides at least seven classroom training events every month. We offer Fast Start to get your business ramped up. We offer a weekly continuing education series to hone your skills. We have technology day every month … (0 comments)

key realty: Key Realty - How Does The $3,900 Work? - 01/28/15 11:11 PM
Key Realty - How Does the $3,900 work?
Curious about how the $3,900 works? Your not alone.... Over 300 agents have made the switch after they found out. It is exciting to watch agents save money and see them receive the training they need to close more transactions. On average, Key Realty saves the typical productive agent $20,000 a year so that they can pay for health insurance, kid's college, invest back into their business, or take their dream vacation. So, exactly how does the $3,900 work? 

Glad you asked.... Our agents receive 100% of the commission on the HUD after … (0 comments)

key realty: How To Succeed In Real Estate - Issue # 4 - 01/09/15 09:57 PM
If you missed the third part of this series you can access it here - How To Succeed In Real Estate Issue # 3.
If you are interested in what it takes to succeed in real estate, then you may enjoy the humor (and reality) of this series…
The fourth way to succeed in real estate is to…track all of your expenses and calculate the return on investment for each. As a Realtor, you often receive calls / emails with someone trying to sell you leads, websites, CRMs, systems, scripts, and more. 
When you think about it, what is your largest expense? … (2 comments)

key realty: Key Realty Columbus Ohio - 10/09/10 07:46 AM
Key Realty Columbus Ohio
Key Realty is expanding to Columbus Ohio! Key Realty is the fastest growing real estate company in the history of Northwest Ohio and they are now expanding into Central Ohio.
Key Realty offers its home buyers and sellers a unique experience focused on the latest technological advances. Key Realty fully utilizes the Internet to maximize your homes exposure if you have a home to sell. Key Realty also offers a fre personalized website with all matching properties for it's home buyers so they can easily manage the available homes. Call to see the difference!
If you are thinking of buying or … (0 comments)