moving to ohio: moving to Ohio - 05/15/07 07:30 AM
Moving to Ohio
If you are moving to Ohio you are in for an experience. Located near the Northeast part of the U. S, it's full of rolling hills, farmland, lakes and the occasional large city. Ohio is home to the popular amusement parks of Cedar Point and Kings Island. The Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, Browns; Cincinatti Reds, and Bengals; Columbus Blue Jackets and Ohio State University are sure to keep sports enthusiasts entertained.
Be prepared to see the extremes of all four seasons. There will be select summer days over one hundred degrees as well as select winter days below zero! It can … (0 comments)

moving to ohio: Buying a home? - 03/22/07 01:39 PM
Buying a home? Here are ten steps to get you started:
# 1 Get pre-approved: Many listing agents will not accept offes from a buyer that is not pre-approved. You will also not waste your time looking at homes that may be above your limit. Your loan officer will offer advice on your credit score.
#2: Work with one agent: If you are contacting multiple agents it can be confusing and frustrating. Each agent has access to the same list of homes and your searches will be duplicated.
#3: Drive through areas of interest: It is best to check you're the neighborhood and traffic pattern … (1 comments)