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Tiffany Wilson - a real estate investor and the Costa Rica Real Estate Expert - shares her expertise in her Costa Rica Real Estate blog. She'll share with you information to show you that buying and owning real estate in Costa Rica isn't that scary when you arm yourself with information.
Imagine yourself and your loved ones standing atop your own private paradise. Imagine yourself and your loved ones among the verdant fields and colorful flowers of your own special Garden of Eden.Imagine being lost in the tranquility, romance and splendor of endless sunsets aglow with the brillia...
Costa Rica is well known for its eco-tourism, and for the most part, Costa Rica has done an exceptional job when it comes to being a leader in protecting its precious environment.  It started years ago when Costa Rica truly came onto the global scene as a hotspot for eco-tourism (still a popular ...
If any of you have ever even remotely considered or inquired into real estate in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica - especially around Jaco - then you most probably have been told by one or several people about the Caldera Highway.Now, they may not have called it the Caldera Highway, but I'm sure...
I have spoken to dozens of individuals who are looking at buying real estate in Costa Rica.  I have looked at hundreds of properties and developments in Costa Rica.  Of course, everyone's criteria is varied, but there is a "magic number" that keeps popping up, like the universe recorded it someho...
Boy, I wish I had the money to buy this place...  I was fortunate enough to visit the gated beach development in Costa Rica - Costa Del Sol - where this house is located.  Just a 5 minute walk to the beach, and a 20 minute drive North to the popular tourist town of Jaco.So, what are you getting f...
Being a real estate investor, I am always curious as to the investment potential that each property holds.  A property can sound amazing, have an abundance of amenities, be in a great location, but I won't feel comfortable parting with any money until I have some actual numbers in front of me, al...
Where is Jaco located? How do I get to Jaco? Where can I stay in Jaco? What is there to do in Jaco? Is Jaco overdeveloped? Is Jaco safe? Are there grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies in Jaco? Are there medical facilities in Jaco? What schools are in Jaco? How do I get around in Jaco? Can I rent...
I've identified a number of properties in Costa Rica that are great opportunities for investors.Now, let me say that I have carefully chosen these properties because they have a number of great features about them that make them conducive to investment properties.  I will be sure to list those fe...
Okay, I wish I had read something like this before I headed down to Costa Rica the first time!  I had traveled a lot and always without issues.  Of course, my travel was limited to the US, Canada, and the Bahamas many years ago - which of course is very similar to home.I thought I was well prepar...
Costa Rica's Tourism Board (ICT) has just released its year end tourism statistics.  Here are some of the highlights:1. Crime against tourists dropped 26%2. Tourism rose by 11.5%3. Total of 1.9 million people (tourists) visited Costa Rica4. $1.9 Billion in Tourism Revenue, up 300 million from las...

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