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Congratulations to ActiveRain and all its Members for reaching this impressive milestone. From the very first post on ActiveRain - Blast the Bubble - back on June 25, 2006, to passing the 25,000 Members mark on April 12, 2007... 'Rainers have known something special was going on around here from...
Google has had a busy month - do they ever not? When they're not serving up a gazillion web search queries, they're doing cool things with their other products and services. Here's a round up of notable Google news from the last few weeks, compiled from the too many Google blogs I subscribe too. ...
It's been just over a year since Google released the My Maps feature within Google Maps that allows users to easily customize, brand and take their own user-created maps to a new level and publish them on the web.At the time, I wrote a few posts on the topic - Creating Google Listing Maps: Part O...
In my last post Who Spilled the Paint?  - I highlighted some of the new custom blogs on ActiveRain. The site has become rather colorful lately, and I'm not talking salty language. All this fun is due to Brad Carroll and his AR Custom Blog Builder. The AR community has been busy using this new too...
Change was in the air this weekend around the ActiveRain playground, and it had nothing to do with the hamsters going on strike. If you subscribe to Brad Carroll, you may have done a double-take when you went to his blog this weekend. Or at least checked the URL to make sure you hadn't left Activ...
The ActiveRain Video Contest closed with a flurry of activity yesterday... check out all the videos tagged ActiveRain video contest 2008 here.YouTube was the most popular video player used by the entrants - though most of the sharing sites got in on the action including Vimeo, Veoh, and Brightcov...
   Real Agent Blogs - Connect With Clients from Jason Todd, Real Agent Blogs on Vimeo.   My name is Jason Todd. I build personal, branded blogs for real estate agents to connect with their clients - wherever they are - from Alaska to Wyoming.I also do community slideshows and videos. I hope you e...
It must be Video Week on ActiveRain. A post about branding your online video channels... then a post about setting up your YouTube profile and one for customizing your YouTube channel design.And tomorrow is the AR Video Contest deadline. And this post is about Vimeo, which is great for sharing yo...
In my last post  -  Branding Your YouTube Channel: Part 1 -  we went through the steps to setting up your new YouTube Directors Channel. Now you're ready to start branding your channel. Once you've logged into the site, click the Account link at the top of the page. You'll be taken to your accoun...
With the ActiveRain video contest just a few days away, there's bound to be quite a few more real estate themed videos floating around the internet just waiting to be viewed.Besides posting your creation here on AR, what do you with this video now that's made?Start distributing! You're multimedia...

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