activerain: 85,000 Great Reasons to be a Member of ActiveRain - 04/24/08 07:28 PM

Congratulations to ActiveRain and all its Members for reaching this impressive milestone.
From the very first post on ActiveRain - Blast the Bubble - back on June 25, 2006, to passing the 25,000 Members mark on April 12, 2007... 'Rainers have known something special was going on around here from the beginning.
Soon it was 50,000 Members... then 59,997... and then on March 3rd, 2008, AR surpassed 75,000 Members!
Now we're mid way through the 80's. I'm predicting 100,000 by July 1st. I'd love to be proven wrong.
Here's to The Community - Join me in raising a glass of Rain!


activerain: Who Spilled the Paint Too? ActiveRain Gets Even More Colorful - 04/08/08 10:30 AM
In my last post Who Spilled the Paint?  - I highlighted some of the new custom blogs on ActiveRain. The site has become rather colorful lately, and I'm not talking salty language.
All this fun is due to Brad Carroll and his AR Custom Blog Builder.
The AR community has been busy using this new tool, and fresh blog designs are coming out fast and furious! I have a feeling this is going to become one of the most popular tools/features on the site once word spreads.
Here's the second round up of new designs:

The blogs featured above were customized … (39 comments)

activerain: Who Spilled the Paint? - 04/07/08 02:48 AM
Change was in the air this weekend around the ActiveRain playground, and it had nothing to do with the hamsters going on strike.
If you subscribe to Brad Carroll, you may have done a double-take when you went to his blog this weekend. Or at least checked the URL to make sure you hadn't left ActiveRain. Brad found a way to give his blog a totally unique look, made some modifications, and then shared it with the community.
Fast forward a day from discovery, and Brad had turned this process automatic - check out The Active Rain Custom Blog Generator
The ActiveRain community moves fast, … (29 comments)


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