miami luxury real estate market: Miami welcomes tax refugees - 02/14/19 11:50 AM
Everyone has been talking about the Tax Cut and Jobs acted signed by Trump at the end of 2017. A growing list of wealthy buyers are now moving and investing in South Florida because of this new law, looking for a tax break.
That’s right! South Florida, especially Miami, is not just a paradise with endless sunshine… It is also a refuge for residents living in high tax areas such as New York or California. But why are Northers trying to run away from taxes now, as we know they have always been high? Mainly because after the approval of the “TCJA”, … (2 comments)

miami luxury real estate market: Guess where the high networth individuals are investing? - 07/06/18 09:46 AM
There is no doubt that Florida attracts foreign and out-of-state buyers. Recently, there is a sudden flow of high income individuals scooping properties throughout the state. In fact, most of them are focusing on multi-million homes. The reason behind this trend is most likely due to the tax bill that was introduced last year. In fact, it drove the traffic to Florida where more people are making Florida their primary residency.
According to The Real Deal, the new tax bill limited the taxpayer’s ability to deduct their state and local tax from their federal taxable income. This means that individuals from high … (2 comments)

miami luxury real estate market: The largest condo for sale in Miami - 05/25/18 01:57 PM
Miami is well-known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. Its perfect for the bachelor life and also for family! Whether you are relocating or finding a condo to upgrade, we have curated this perfect list for you. It’s time to live inside a palace up on the sky like the way you deserve. Here is our countdown to the best unit to buy!
       Unit 1701-S at St. Regis Bal Harbour – 13,254sqft - $20,995,000
       Unit 5603 at Jade Signature – 11,661sqft - $32,980,00
  PH-43 at Regalia Condo – 10,755sqft - $36,000,000

miami luxury real estate market: Chinese buyers in Miami doubled since 2012. Will the trend continue? - 09/08/16 05:29 AM
Last month, 20 of the best Chinese brokers were in Miami for a city tour. They were mainly interested in gathering information on the luxury condo. These brokers were chosen on the basis of their annual sales which had to be in total above $17 million. Developers organized this trip since they are trying to attract customers from new countries moving the focus on the Far East. From April 2015 to March 2016 Chinese buyers purchased 27.3 billion worth of US real estate far above Canadians whom spent only $8.9 billion.
What are we doing to increase the interest of Chinese buyers … (1 comments)