miami real estate: 6 Most unique developments in Miami - 05/22/19 01:23 PM
When we compare Miami to other cities in the U.S., we need to say that it doesn't have the same historical background as cities like Washington DC or New York, which have historical architectural buildings that are known worldwide. However, Miami hasn't been left behind.
The incredible evolution of Miami is more than evident and it is demonstrated on some of the most incredible and iconic constructions of the city. From single family homes to museums, to parking lots and condo preconstruction, let's dig on the TOP 6 of the most distinguished developments that Miami has nowadays. 
1. The Perez Art Museum
The Perez Art … (0 comments)

miami real estate: Miami's great initiatives to combat climate change - 05/01/19 12:37 PM
Miami is now in the spotlight as an example of how climate change will change the current world's landscape. However, what people are not really aware of, is that other cities like New York or Hong Kong are also coastal cities facing the same risks as Miami and they haven't been as proactive as Miami.
Nowadays, the negative effects of climate change are quite more evident than in previous years. Thanks to modern technology and precise data, the qualification and quantification of the risk are extremely detailed. That's the reason why we can conclude that the cities at most risks of climate change … (0 comments)

miami real estate: Never-ending battle between Airbnb and Miami Beach - 04/05/19 09:36 AM
Miami is one of the top-5 Airbnb destinations in the United States. It sounds like a great deal for everyone... Hosts get a profitable output of their investment and their guests get a more private and wide list of options where to stay. However, this is not the same point of view for the City Commission of Miami-Dade County, which has been enacting fines of $5,000 up to $20,000 when renting on this kind of platforms. Even though it has been a problem all around the city, Miami Beach has suffered the most.
Fines depend on the type of legal breach that … (1 comments)

miami real estate: Ever-growing demand in Coconut Grove - 03/07/19 10:58 AM
According to the analytics company, Neighborhoodscout's data, Coconut Grove is today one out of the 3 hottest areas to buy real estate in Miami! 
To have a little background, Neighborhoodscout is a company that analyses the micro-economics of the different neighborhoods for each area throughout the United States. It gathers information such as house pricing, property taxes, housing stocks, vacancy rates, and other metrics to understand the neighborhood's behavior. After analyzing the evolution of Coconut Grove for the past years, the conclusion was that the prices for the residential properties have increased against any projection.  The average price /sqft has been growing from … (0 comments)

miami real estate: Miami Real Estate Price 2018 - 06/08/18 01:42 PM
It is hard not to fall in love with Miami. Pristine white beach, amazing nightlife and sunny weather. These three things fits perfectly to the criteria of an amazing life. No wonder many people are looking at Miami to be their home or their vacation getaway. Over the years, Miami has seen a surge of investment from foreign and local investors and home owners but is the price right?
According the MLS, Downtown Miami is listing their properties around $440/sqft. The neighborhood is considered to be the upcoming place with big projects such as the building of Miami Central and train stations … (1 comments)

miami real estate: The largest condo for sale in Miami - 05/25/18 01:57 PM
Miami is well-known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. Its perfect for the bachelor life and also for family! Whether you are relocating or finding a condo to upgrade, we have curated this perfect list for you. It’s time to live inside a palace up on the sky like the way you deserve. Here is our countdown to the best unit to buy!
       Unit 1701-S at St. Regis Bal Harbour – 13,254sqft - $20,995,000
       Unit 5603 at Jade Signature – 11,661sqft - $32,980,00
  PH-43 at Regalia Condo – 10,755sqft - $36,000,000

miami real estate: Should you buy waterfront or non-waterfront condos? - 05/04/18 02:30 PM
There is a strong appeal to buy waterfront condos especially when you are buying in Miami. However, non-waterfront condos might be a better choice of investment in certain cases. In this article, we will analyze three popular neighborhoods in Miami which are Brickell, Downtown and South Beach.
      BrickellBrickell’s glorious days were back in 2014 where all the condos saw an increase on sales and price per square foot. However, the sales has been dwindling these past few years. In this area, the waterfront condos are faring well compared to non-waterfront condos. Granted, waterfront condos in Brickell decreased by 4% … (0 comments)

miami real estate: Why luxurious properties are having a big price cut? - 01/05/18 02:04 PM
There are two facts that you should know before setting a price for your luxury property: A) there is an oversupply of inventory and B) there is a shrinking pool of buyers. According to a Douglas Elliman report, there is a 53-month supply of luxury condos. This is a stark contrast when you compare it to the 5-month supply of homes that are selling for $500,000 or less.  
Furthermore, it is no longer a secret that the number of buyers are shrinking. Foreign economies are cooling down and buyers who came from Latin Americans countries are seeing their currency dropping. It … (2 comments)

miami real estate: Bitcoin and Miami Real Estate - 12/22/17 03:33 PM
Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that is making headlines all over the world. Its value has skyrocketed over the past few months from $4,899 in September to as high as $18,943 in December. The cryptocurrency has obviously garnered interest by many investors especially in the real estate industry and here are a few things you should know about it:
The first property to accept Bitcoin-only is in MiamiYes, you heard it right. Gone are the conventional way of cash and financing. It’s time to make way for Bitcoin. A penthouse inside the Platinum condo made headlines when the term of purchase was revealed. … (1 comments)

miami real estate: The surge of foreign buyers in the United States home markets - 11/17/17 06:54 AM
United States real estate market is attracting many foreign buyers. According to the report by National Association of Realtors (NAR), foreign buyers and new immigrants are purchasing $153 billion worth of US properties. Interestingly, the breakdown of sales between foreigners and new immigrants are equal at 50:50 each.
The NAR also explains that this was the highest recorded property worth bought by foreign buyers since 2009. The purchase represents 10% of total value of existing home sales in the US excluding new homes. To add further, the value of property bought by these buyers increased by 49% since last year.
The largest group … (2 comments)

miami real estate: WHY THE LOCALS ARE MOVING OUT OF MIAMI? - 04/06/17 02:08 PM
South Florida’s growth was linked to an internal migration as well as a foreign one. Americans used to choose South Florida as a retirement heaven or a new place for a fresh start. They used to flood this region but nowadays the trend has changed and locals are moving out from Miami. The region is still growing but only thanks to foreigners, especially South Americans moving here. Considering the census done in 2010, South Florida is the fastest growing area in the US followed by Los Angeles, Washington DC and Phoenix.
Why residents decided to leave the region?Why are they looking for … (0 comments)

miami real estate: Millennials conquer downtown Miami - 10/04/16 08:03 AM
We noticed on the latest report from the Downtown Development that a lot of young professional are moving to downtown Miami. This creates a buzz and a new clientele for the new businesses which are opening in this area. In the last 5 years the number of residents increased 32% and 150% since 2000. The full-time population living here reaches 90,000 inhabitants. The age range of this young community is from 20 to 44 years old.  More than 50% has a college education and they represent half of the population in downtown. This new generation will help the occupancy rate in … (2 comments)

miami real estate: Miami, the global magnet - 02/03/16 06:10 AM
The infamous condo market of Miami keeps on being a strong magnet for foreign investment, but it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate investors and residents.
Condo buyers purchasing as their own residence today represent 1/3 of the investors, 1/3 use it for a second home and 1/3 as an investment to rent out. It is a very sought-after alternative in response to a very low rental inventory for the past 2 years. Overall, investors are prevalent in Miami Beach, Downtown and Brickell.
Those who purchase under $1 million tend to look for a return of 5% to 8%. High-end buyers focus on … (0 comments)

miami real estate: Miami hosts several hotbeds of new development. What are they? - 12/14/15 02:23 AM
Greater Miami covers the hottest current real estate submarkets among which Coconut Grove, Overtown, the Arts & Entertainment District and North Beach are emerging. All of them are undergoing a renaissance of activity where land becomes scarce and pricing goes up.
Overtown is the historically African-American neighborhood where some mixed-used projects are about to act as true catalysts for more redevelopment projects. For example, All Aboard Florida’s Miami Central Complex is the last stop of Florida’s commuter rail line from Orlando to Miami. It will will include 4 towers hosting 1,300 condo units and hotel rooms, 5 rail tracks, a train depot, a … (0 comments)