real estate: Will China be the one to bolster South Florida’s condo market? - 10/06/15 05:42 AM
30 years after bonding with East Asia, Miami is finally succeeding in attracting foreign buyers from China and that’s a great timing for the local real estate market. South Florida’s residential real estate industry currently needs an infusion of new investors.
As condo developments increase, pressure is increasing to find a new reliable pool of buyers to avoid the forthcoming slowdown from usual markets. Indeed, because of the strengthening of the dollar, South American investors have not come to South Florida as they used to. Knowing that developers have planned to build over 375 condo towers during the current real estate … (0 comments)

real estate: Why doesn’t home ownership for Hispanics rise despite their population increase in the U.S. ? - 09/09/15 07:22 AM
The Hispanics represent the segment of the U.S. population that grows the fastest, yet they are more and more locked out of home ownership because of standards of creditworthiness.
Being 17% of the population and forecast to become over 30%, the Hispanics are an economic and political power to count on. They could help regarding the sagging home ownership rate that is observed nationwide. It has not reached that level since the Cold War when it was 63.7%. It fell back to 63.8% in 2015.
The issue for Hispanics, that had an ownership rate of 45.4% in 2014, is that they stay out … (0 comments)

real estate: $133.7 million construction loan for Muse is secured - 08/11/15 02:19 AM
Developers have secured a $133.7 million construction loan for a luxury condo project in Sunny Isles Beach.
The project, called Muse and located at 17141 Collins Ave., will break ground this week. Canyon Partners Real Estate, a Los Angeles-based real estate firm, provided the financing to developers Property Markets Group and S2 Development.
Muse has 68 units with prices averaging $1,500 per square foot. Construction is expected to wrap up in the first quarter of 2018.

real estate: Home sales and prices go up in South Florida - 04/14/15 02:17 AM
The number of houses sold and the average price in South Florida have kept on rising year by year.
 In Miami, single-family houses have grown by 14.2% month after month. The existing condo sales rose by 10.4%, as new luxury units multiply on the beach and in Downtown. The Icon Brickell, the Bristol Tower and the Santa Maria  condos in Brickell have experienced in 2015 compared to 2014 a rise of respectively 13%, 50% and 100% in terms of volume of sales.
Same for inventory, the number of single-family houses available on the market have increased by 3.5% in Miami, going from … (2 comments)

real estate: Live and work in Miami! - 12/17/14 03:02 AM
Miami is catching the eye of more and more businesses. Hedge funds and financial institutions are definitely betting on Miami. Even though it is not a true relocation yet, corporations and financial companies are starting to realize that moving to Miami can be profitable. NYC residents do not literally settle down in Miami yet but they open a second office and start investing in a second home as a way to prepare a more permanent move to Magic City. Miami is still the backyard of the Big Apple.
The reason why they are all coming? Tax advantage and a good way to … (0 comments)

real estate: Miamians spend more on housing than New Yorkers - 11/14/14 02:57 AM
Who would have thought?
 The Miami Foundation recently released a report about Miami’s performance in different areas: affordability and housing, arts & culture, civic engagement, economy, education, environment & public spaces, health & safety and transportation.
The findings highlight the fact that the cost of living in Miami is less expensive than in New York City. However, if you consider the costs of housing and the costs of transportation calculated as a percentage of income, Miami becomes then much more expensive than New York City.
 Apparently, 54.3% of Miamians’ income goes to housing and transportation.
 New Yorkers only dedicate 48% of their income to … (0 comments)

real estate: Investing in Panorama Tower Miami to get your Green Card - 10/28/14 12:22 AM
First, some of you must be wondering what an EB-5 visa is.
It is a visa intended for Immigrant Investors in the United States of America. It provides a way for foreigners who invest money in the U.S.A. to live there. The requirements are to invest $1,000,000 or to create 10 jobs or more. In the case the investor’s petition gets approval from the authorities, the applicant is granted conditional permanent residence or green card for 2 years. After these 2 years if the investment proves to meet certain standards, your green card becomes permanent.  In some specific employment areas, such … (0 comments)