advice to buyers: Are You Ready To Be A Home Owner? Really Ready? - 01/28/14 01:23 AM

Since my business is helping people buy and sell homes, you might think that I believe EVERYONE should buy a house. I make money if I sell houses after all. But.....sometimes people should NOT buy a house - not right now.
If you are a buyer who is considering quitting your job to go back to school - it may not be the right time to buy a house.
If you are a buyer who is pretty sure you'll be relocating across the country next year - it may not be the right time to buy a … (2 comments)

advice to buyers: Do You Know When Your Deadlines Are? - 12/10/13 02:52 AM
When buyers for Olympia area homes make an offer on a house, the paperwork for the offer will typically include a number of contingencies: financing, title review, inspection, etc.  And typically each of these will have a deadline attached to it.  These deadlines are super important since once the deadline passes, that particular contingency will likely be ended - whether the buyer meant for it to be or not.
An example is the inspection contingency.  Our NWMLS purchase and sales addendum for inspections specifies the number of days the buyer will have to have any desired inspections done, & either give … (4 comments)

advice to buyers: Olympia Home Buyers Ask - What Do We Need To Know About Wells? - 11/20/13 06:17 AM
Olympia area home buyers will find that although many homes are on city water or a privately managed community water system, there are also many homes with wells providing their water.  These wells may be individual wells, serving just one home, or they could be shared wells serving two or more homes.  So, if you are looking at a home with a well, what do you need to know?
One important thing to know is that you will want to have the well water tested as a condition of buying that home.  There is a well addendum which can be included … (2 comments)

advice to buyers: Month to Month - A Double Edged Sword for Tenants - 10/29/13 04:34 AM
When you are renting, you typically are either in a lease with a particular end point, or you are in a month to month arrangement.  Recently I have had several calls from people who learned that month to month has its pluses - and also some drawbacks.
These were people who had decided they might be interested in becoming a home owner, so the idea of a month to month rental agreement sounded perfect.  As soon as they located a home to buy, they'd be free to give notice to their landlord and prepare to move to their very own home. 

advice to buyers: That Closing Cost Credit Doesn't Grow On Some Tree - 06/18/13 04:05 AM
Even as our local Olympia area real estate market is tilting more and more toward being a seller's market, buyers asking for a credit toward their closing costs are not uncommon. In some price brackets, it's still very typical to see a buyer ask... and a seller agree... to pay some or all of the buyer's closing costs.

But that money for the credit does NOT grow on some wonderful tree - it basically comes out of the seller's pockets at closing. Every dollar a seller pays on behalf of the buyer for closing costs reduces the … (6 comments)

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