buyer tips: Are You Ready To Be A Home Owner? Really Ready? - 01/28/14 01:23 AM

Since my business is helping people buy and sell homes, you might think that I believe EVERYONE should buy a house. I make money if I sell houses after all. But.....sometimes people should NOT buy a house - not right now.
If you are a buyer who is considering quitting your job to go back to school - it may not be the right time to buy a house.
If you are a buyer who is pretty sure you'll be relocating across the country next year - it may not be the right time to buy a … (2 comments)

buyer tips: That Closing Cost Credit Doesn't Grow On Some Tree - 06/18/13 04:05 AM
Even as our local Olympia area real estate market is tilting more and more toward being a seller's market, buyers asking for a credit toward their closing costs are not uncommon. In some price brackets, it's still very typical to see a buyer ask... and a seller agree... to pay some or all of the buyer's closing costs.

But that money for the credit does NOT grow on some wonderful tree - it basically comes out of the seller's pockets at closing. Every dollar a seller pays on behalf of the buyer for closing costs reduces the … (6 comments)

buyer tips: Ten Reasons to Get Preapproved BEFORE You Look at Olympia Area Homes - 01/25/13 07:53 AM
When you decide to buy a house in the Olympia area, it is a very exciting feeling - and tempting to jump right into the house hunt process full blast and go look at some houses.  But first, it is important to get preapproved if you will be borrowing money to buy that dream house.  Really, really important.  And here are 10 reasons why I say that:
1.  Lenders are requiring more and more documentation of your income and debt.  It can take a little time to gather the necessary info and you do NOT want to be scrambling to … (4 comments)

buyer tips: Before We Go Looking - Let's Do Some Talking About Buying A House - 07/18/11 11:01 AM
Dear Buyers,
Before We Go Looking - Let's Do Some Talking About Buying A House.
Let's do a little bit of talking about the process, timeline, costs involved, your criteria etc etc etc.  It will make the house hunting process go more smoothly for you and will minimize unhappy surprises.  So - even though I  know you are eager to go look at those houses you spotted on line....let's first take a short time to talk.
If you are a first time home buyer, you may have lots of questions about how this whole house buying thing works.  Or you may … (4 comments)

buyer tips: Buyer Chat Part Four - How Long Will It Take Before I Can Move In? - 07/18/11 10:56 AM
You found a house, you made an offer, the seller accepted your offer!!  Hurray - but now the hard part is waiting until the purchase is complete and you can move in to your new home in the Olympia WA area.  And you want to know, need to know - WHEN can you move in!!!
The answer to that goes back to some of the steps we have already completed - your preapproval with your lender will likely also give us some parameters about any extra time that might be required to complete the process.  If you are able to get … (0 comments)

buyer tips: Buyer Chat Part Three - What Costs Will There Be? - 07/18/11 10:55 AM
What Costs Will There Be when I buy this home in the Olympia WA area?  Yes that is a really important question for buyers to ask and understand!  Because, even though you are likely getting a loan for a large part of this purchase, there will be some costs to you along the way.
First, as you talk with your lender to get preapproved, you will receive an estimate of the amount you will need to bring in at closing of the sale.  This will include both the down payment you plan to make and closing costs and prepaid expenses.  The … (4 comments)

buyer tips: Buyer Chat Part Two - How Does This Process Work Anyway? - 07/18/11 10:55 AM
Buying a Home in the Olympia WA area?
How Does This Process Work Anyway?  Well, we will start out with a chance to talk over your criteria for the home you are buying, including a lot of other important stuff - are you going to live in the house or is it an investment property?  Are you renting now or do you need to sell another home before you can buy?  Is our search going to include short sales, bank owned properties, for sale by owner homes?  (we will chat a little about the opportunities and challenges with each of those … (0 comments)

buyer tips: Buyer Chat Part One - What Are Your Criteria For A Home To Buy? - 07/18/11 10:54 AM
What are your criteria for a home to buy in the Olympia WA area??  Let's talk about things that are absolutely crucial to you - and also those things that fall into the "it would be great if..." category.
Location is always key - do you have particular neighborhoods, school districts, commute distance to work as essentials for this house? 
House essentials - how many bedrooms and baths are absolutely minimum?  What is the largest or smallest home you would like?  Do you prefer newer or older?  Ready to move into or in need of updating or repairs?  Do you like … (0 comments)

buyer tips: If You're Engaged To Be Married You Don't Sign Up For A Dating Service - Right? - 06/30/11 11:15 AM
If you're engaged to be married, you don't sign up for a dating service - do you??  Same thing goes for your commitment to a house to buy - once you have looked at enough homes to know what you want and need, what's available in your price range, and which one stands out as the best choice and value for you, the next step is to make an offer on it.  And when that offer is accepted, you have made a promise to "marry" this house.  Your agent will help you include contingencies to protect you if something goes seriously … (54 comments)

buyer tips: What do YOU Mean by "Fixer Upper"?? - 05/07/10 06:03 PM
So you say you want to buy a fixer upper?  My next question is "What do you mean by that?"   I'm not being a smart aleck, and yes, of course I've heard the term fixer upper.  It's just that it has quite a range of meanings; might mean a house that needs some new floor coverings and paint and a little cleaning & yard work here and there.  Might mean a house that needs a new roof, a new floor in the bathroom where the toilet leaked, and the above floor coverings, paint etc.  Might mean that it needs to be jacked up to have a new foundation … (7 comments)

buyer tips: OK - I Signed All These Papers - When Do I Get My Keys?? - 04/27/10 12:54 PM

The most exciting part about a house purchase is getting those keys to your new home - but when is it that you actually do get those keys?  Well, typically it is NOT when you sign the closing documents; likely not even the same day.  At least here in Washington, here is how it goes.  Once buyers and sellers have both signed closing documents, the buyers' lender usually has a period of time to review everything to make sure the paperwork is complete before they notify the escrow company that they are releasing it to fund and record.  Then … (5 comments)

buyer tips: CC & R's - Hmmmm? Capricious, crazy rules? Conserving community richness? - 12/01/09 06:28 AM
Actually neither of those are the correct meaning of CC & R's - although I've had buyers who would argue for both possible definitions!  CC &R's actually stand for Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions, and many neighborhoods have these rules which are binding on all owners within the neighborhood.  The rules are typically initially placed on the subdivision by the developer and they can address a wide range of matters. 
If you are buying in an existing neighborhood, know that the CC &R's may regulate such things as your ability to park a vehicle on the street, keep livestock. build a shop, … (4 comments)

buyer tips: Singin' - I Mean House Hunting - in the Rain!! - 11/14/09 08:50 AM
We are definitely moving into that time of year when rainy days outnumber sunny ones here in the Pacific Northwest.  I miss the sunshine and warmth of summer, but suspect that in several ways, house hunting in the rainy months can provide buyers with unexpected benefits.
If you are looking at a home on a rainy day it is pretty easy to figure out if the roof leaks, the gutters are clogged, water is pooling up right next to the house, you have to wade through puddles to get to the door, and the lawn feels suspiciously squishy under your feet.  … (5 comments)

buyer tips: One Size, One Floor Plan Does NOT Fit All! - 08/08/09 11:25 AM
In real estate, you often hear "location, location, location" because the location of a property is so important to its value and desirability - and it's a pretty hard item to change!  A house is where it is, and short of moving it, that location better be one that you like!  I think the floor plan of a house comes close to being that important as well.  It is relatively easy to repaint, change out floor coverings, counters, appliances etc - but if the floor plan really doesn't fit your needs, changing it may go from an expensive remodel all the way … (2 comments)

buyer tips: How to Win a Bidding War - 06/24/09 11:19 AM
The title of this blog may seem strange in this time of most media pronouncing it a buyer's market with the implication that buyers should expect to get bargain prices on listings right now.  I think many of us, however, are in markets where there are at least location or price range pockets that are experiencing much more of a seller's market - complete with multiple offers on listings.
Once you get over the shock of realizing that maybe on this particular house in this particular location, you will have to compete with other buyers if you really want it, the … (9 comments)

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