farmers market: Farmer's Market in Olympia - As We Shift Into Fall - 09/04/13 01:09 AM
I got to head down to Olympia Farmer's Market a couple of days ago with a past client who has become a dear friend.  We decided it was time to catch up with each other's lives and what better place to do that than the market!  We could combine some browsing, some shopping, some snacking - and some time enjoying the sunny day.
This time of year, you can feel the pull of fall coming closer and summer edging away from us.  But the Farmers Market is still full of summer delights in the form of fruit, veggies and flowers. 

farmers market: Olympia Farmer's Market in the Fall - 11/12/12 06:34 AM
I really, really love Olympia Farmer's Market all of the months it is open, but I think fall just might be one of my favorite times to stroll along through the market and shop.

The produce has shifted from the berries of summer to apples of so many varieties that it is hard to choose, pumpkins, gourds, squash.  You can still get amazing baked goods, meat, seafood, eggs, honey - and the Chehalis mint candies are ready to purchase as a gift (if you can resist eating them up yourself).
Lots of craft items, jewelry, purses etc offer additional … (3 comments)

farmers market: Olympia Farmers Market - ALL Your Senses Are Covered Today! - 07/28/12 07:13 AM
I stopped down at Olympia Farmers Market this morning to get some cherries - really that was all I intended to buy was some cherries.  They are Washington grown, and so absolutely scrumptious that whatever quantity I buy leaves me wondering WHY didn't I get more.

But first....I had to stop a while to listen to the musicians entertaining the crowd and even getting a few people up in front of the stage to dance a bit.

And then I got sidetracked admiring the lush display of fresh veggies - just the range of colors seem to … (2 comments)

farmers market: Olympia Farmers Market Opens for 2012 on Thursday - Can't Wait!!! - 04/03/12 09:10 AM
Olympia Farmers Market will open for the 2012 season this coming Thursday, April 5th - so now I truly believe that spring has come at last!  (never mind that weather forecast I heard earlier today that said we might have "chunky rain" tonight).
Can't wait to head down to Olympia Farmers Market for some fresh, local food - produce is likely just beginning to be ready, but there will be meat, seafood, eggs, baked goods, plant starts for my garden and who knows what all else.

I do know that I will be making a beeline for the … (4 comments)

farmers market: Farmers Market Olympia - Late Summer Brings the Heat! - 09/02/11 11:06 AM
Farmers Market in Olympia is full of the bounty that end of summer - and finally some hot weather - seem to bring.  I always love seeing the display of peppers of all different varieties, and appreciate the labeling as to the mild side of the stand versus the hot side.  Some of those hot peppers are....well - HOT!

The fruit stands have wonderful bins of yummy tomatoes  looking ripe and juicy.

And watermelon is ready for some Labor Day weekend picnic munching.

The stand also has a tasting area so that … (19 comments)

farmers market: Olympia Farmers Market - Filled With Colorful Goodies! - 07/22/11 10:50 AM
I made a quick stop by Olympia Farmers Market this morning on the way to the office so I could get some blueberries (yum) - and noticed that this is the time of year when vibrant, colorful stands are all over the market!
Colorful veggies are enticing and bursting with that locally grown freshness that is so hard to beat.
Colorful flowers are calling me to find even more spots in the garden where I could just one more pretty plant (well maybe two more...)

And colorful tie-dye shirts and other clothing remind … (8 comments)

farmers market: Olympia Farmers Market - The Colors of Summer! - 08/14/10 08:49 AM

Olympia Farmer's Market this weekend is full of the colors - and tastes - of summer!  I headed down there with the goal of getting some peaches & nectarines - oh, so many to choose from!!  Luckily you can get tastes of different varieties to decide which one (or ones) you like the very best.

Also admired the peppers and tomatoes - always really seems like true summer when those begin appearing in the market.  Zesty, warm flavors to add some zing to our meals!  Our own tomatoes are coming along, so I didn't buy any today, … (5 comments)

farmers market: Lacey Community Market - 08/10/10 11:53 AM
Lacey Community Market will be open this coming Saturday August 14th from 10-4 at Huntamer Park in Woodland Square.  And this market day has the theme of Pet Day - which includes a pet look alike contest!!  So if you have always thought - or feared - that you and your pet are beginning to have a strong is your chance to make that count!

The look alike contest will be at 1:00; and there will be other pet themed special events including demonstrations of dog agility and herding; and microchipping (for a fee).
You can also enjoy all … (5 comments)

farmers market: Wordless Wednesday - Can You Look Without Drooling?? - 07/28/10 10:45 AM


farmers market: This Week at Olympia Farmer's Market - 06/12/10 09:11 AM
After a number of weeks of unseasonably chilly, damp weather, today's BEAUTIFUL sunshine brought what looked like most of the town down to Olympia's Farmer's Market!  Definitely one of those days when you have to circle the parking lot watching for someone heading to their car to leave - then lurk to grab their space as soon as they back out.

Musicians were just tuning up on the stage, and many people were already filling the tables in front , ready to enjoy the music while they munched on some late breakfast, early lunch or just snacks.

Yummy looking … (4 comments)

farmers market: Can't Wait, Can't Wait, Can't Wait!!! - 06/11/10 09:37 AM

Spooner Farms in Olympia is ALMOST ready to start off this year's strawberry season!  I checked out their Yelm Highway field today, and though the stand says "Soon", they were just in the process of changing that to read "Monday"!  Hurray - fresh strawberries are so amazingly sweet and yummy that I start craving them about February - though they typically are ripe right around now, or sometime around Father's Day (Mother's Day would be better I think :)  ).  And though I do usually freeze some, nothing really compares to those fresh from the fields red … (2 comments)

farmers market: Olympia Farmer's Market - What's New This Week? Strawberries!!!!! - 06/04/10 10:22 AM

Olympia's Farmer's Market is just starting to get fresh, locally grown strawberries in - and did they ever go fast!!  When I got to the market, I made a beeline to find the berries and they were already down to less than a dozen little containers.  I quickly bought two - oh my gosh they look good!!

By the time I made the rounds to get some other things and came back past the strawberry booth, all that was left was this "Sold Out" sign.  So looks like we better make the ones I bought last til next … (5 comments)

farmers market: This Weekend at Olympia's Farmer's Market - 05/23/10 09:33 AM
This weekend's visit to Olympia's Farmer's Market had so many goodies that I had to make two trips back out to my car!  I actually went to the market to get some more veggie plants for the garden, but got sidetracked a time or two on the way - not unusual for a market full of yummy, yummy things!

The asparagus from Eastern Washington was still looking so good that I NEEDED some of that....and a couple more apples....  And oh my - just look at the Walla Walla sweet onions that just came in!

And then the flowers … (4 comments)

farmers market: Olympia Farmer's Market Opening Day - NOW It's Spring!!! - 04/01/10 12:08 PM

The long winter wait is over and Olympia's Farmer's Market is open again!!  (And that's no April Fool's joke!)  At the stroke of 10 AM the market bell was rung signaling time to start buying fresh produce, beautiful tulips, jam, meat, starts for your garden, jewelry, artwork and so much more.

Farmer's Market is always a place to see old friends and it's pretty essential to plan on plenty of time to browse, visit, nibble, and stop to listen to the live music or watch the balloon man create fun balloon animals.

I must … (2 comments)

farmers market: Dreamin' of Spring Gardens - 01/12/10 10:34 AM
Sometime in January pretty much every year, I start craving spring time and yearning to start planting my garden and seeing flowers and veggies again.  And although it is way too early to actually plant anything in the garden, it is a perfect time to plan and dream about what I am going to do when the weather finally says "Now!"
A couple of my favorite gardening experts are Marianne Binetti ( and Ed Hume (  I love to read Marianne's gardening columns in our local paper as she has not only a ton of knowledge about local Pacific Northwest gardening, … (0 comments)

farmers market: Fall Farmer's Market Shows off Harvest - 10/10/09 07:44 AM
Olympia's Farmer's Market is going strong with autumn harvest goodies and a color feast for the eyes!

Admire - and taste - the different varieties of apples.  Then buy plenty so you can munch some raw, bake up a pie or two, maybe even cook up some apple sauce.  Yum!
Then move on over to the intriguing shapes and colors of gourds and pumpkins.  Imagine the fall display you can take home to decorate your table or front porch!

And don't miss these peppers which just glow with the summer sunshine captured within (and some come with a bit … (3 comments)

farmers market: Weekly Update on Olympia Farmer's Market Goodies! - 04/17/09 09:39 AM
This spring's chilly weather still has Farmer's Market produce coming in a little behind the schedule of some years, but coming in it is!  And of course, all of the other goodies from baked goods to eggs to fancy chocolates or Chehalis Mints to sausage and other meats to locally organically raised chickens to oysters are all there ready for hungry shoppers.
The stands of plants are doing well with so many of us just itching to get out in our gardens and start planting some colorful flowers or some veggies.  The tomato plants are at a couple … (0 comments)

farmers market: Olympia Farmer's Market Opening Weekend - 04/06/09 08:09 AM
It was so nice to get back down to the Olympia Farmer's Market this past weekend - in the sunshine no less!  It was opening weekend, so lots of people showed up eager to see what was ready at the various booths.
The spring weather has not exactly cooperated well to give farmers an early start, but there was some yummy fruit to choose from at a couple of booths.  Also potatoes, salad makings, and then meat, seafood, cheese to choose from too.

Also lots of plants, both flower and veggie variety, for those of us itching to … (0 comments)

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