gardening: Annual Native Plant Sale for 2013 in Olympia WA - 11/15/13 07:42 AM
Using native plants in your yard and garden is a great choice to add lower maintenance beauty in a variety of sizes, shapes, types and colors.  This year, the annual native plant sale will be totally on line ordering for 2014 planting.
This annual native plant sale is sponsored by Thurston Conservation District, and you can order the plants you want now (the deadline for the orders is November 27, 2013).  Then the selections you purchase will be ready for pickup soon after the new year begins.  Pick up dates are February 13 & 14, 2013 (hmmmm, do I detect a … (0 comments)

gardening: Yep It's Fall - But That Means It's a Great Time to Think Garden - 09/26/13 07:40 AM
Fall and drizzly days have arrived in the Pacific NW for sure.  But that doesn't mean you have to abandon the thoughts of garden and flowers and creating beauty for next spring. 
Two local events will help - one about planning your landscape to be low maintenance, with plants that will attract butterflies & birds, as well as helping you conserve water when we get to the dry months again.  You can purchase water wise plants at this event sponsored by Native Plant Salvage Foundation.  It is happening this coming Sunday, September 29, 2013 from 11 - 4 at the … (6 comments)

gardening: Seed Exchange In Olympia - If You Are Dreaming of Springtime! - 02/13/13 03:36 AM
I know it is only February - but I know I'm not the only one dreaming of springtime and planting things and seeing the wonder of plants sprouting, growing, blooming - ahhhh springtime!  So the idea of a free seed exchange in Olympia is pretty exciting. 
The Olympia Seed Exchange operates a seed bank where you can donate extra seeds you have and pick up seeds to plant (for free!).  The seed bank will start up this year on February 16th, 2013, and will be open from 5-7 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.  The seed bank is located at 323 Milroy … (2 comments)

gardening: GRuB in Olympia WA - Why Yes It DOES Involve Dirt - & So Much More! - 09/19/10 05:56 AM
GRuB in Olympia WA, is a nonprofit organization that is designed in a way that is sheer genius, with multiple benefits rippling out over our community.  GRuB stands for Garden Raised Urban Bounty.  I love their slogan: "Nourishing strong communities by empowering people & growing good food."  And that they do!

GRuBhas a farm on the westside of Olympia where their motto comes to life.  GRuB partners with local schools and youth organizations to give teenagers a chance to build their self-confidence and contribute to the community while they learn to grow good food.  The farm itself produces enough … (3 comments)

gardening: Wordless Wednesday - Garden Bounty - Hurray!! - 08/11/10 11:10 AM


gardening: Perennial Gardener - Olympia - 07/01/10 11:06 AM

Perennial Gardener - Olympia.  This nursery specializes in perennials as you might expect from the name, but also does carry annuals as well.  They have a location at 5424 Boston Harbor Rd. Olympia where they are open from 10-6 on Thursday - Sunday.  (They also are at Farmer's Market downtown those same days)  What a wonderful resource for those of us who love to garden, and appreciate not only a great selection of quality, healthy plants; but also the advice of a really, really knowledgeable and experienced gardener.

I first discovered Perennial Gardener when I was desperately … (2 comments)

gardening: Wordless Wednesday - What Have We Hiding Here?? - 06/30/10 07:31 AM


gardening: Wordless Wednesday - Who Knew Broccoli Sparkles?? - 06/16/10 05:30 AM


gardening: This Weekend at Olympia's Farmer's Market - 05/23/10 09:33 AM
This weekend's visit to Olympia's Farmer's Market had so many goodies that I had to make two trips back out to my car!  I actually went to the market to get some more veggie plants for the garden, but got sidetracked a time or two on the way - not unusual for a market full of yummy, yummy things!

The asparagus from Eastern Washington was still looking so good that I NEEDED some of that....and a couple more apples....  And oh my - just look at the Walla Walla sweet onions that just came in!

And then the flowers … (4 comments)

gardening: Wordless Wednesday - Well A Bigger Garden SEEMED Like a Good Idea!! - 04/28/10 06:57 AM


gardening: Do You Love Playing in the Dirt?? - 01/27/10 08:17 AM
If people always say you must have a green thumb - or if you wish you DID have more of one - you might love the Master Gardener program!  It is offered thru WSU with a series of classes and at home projects designed to help you gain expertise and knowledge about a wide range of gardening related topics. 
The next series in the Olympia area begins Friday, February 5th. You can find sign up info and more at
When spring finally does get here, you will be ready to play in the dirt!!!

gardening: Dreamin' of Spring Gardens - 01/12/10 10:34 AM
Sometime in January pretty much every year, I start craving spring time and yearning to start planting my garden and seeing flowers and veggies again.  And although it is way too early to actually plant anything in the garden, it is a perfect time to plan and dream about what I am going to do when the weather finally says "Now!"
A couple of my favorite gardening experts are Marianne Binetti ( and Ed Hume (  I love to read Marianne's gardening columns in our local paper as she has not only a ton of knowledge about local Pacific Northwest gardening, … (0 comments)

gardening: Wordless Wednesday - Garden Veggies - Yummmm! - 09/23/09 10:33 AM


gardening: Olympia Area Favorites - Farmer's Market! - 03/29/09 04:03 AM
WOO HOO - one of my most favorite of all favorites is returning this coming Thursday (April 2nd) - the Olympia Farmer's Market  ( will be open again to provide yummy local produce, meat, eggs, cheese, salsa, bakery goods, crafts galore, flowers and plants - I can't wait to go see what all is there these beginning weeks!!
Hours are 10 AM to 3 PM Thursday thru Sunday, and the market is a wonderful place to see friends, stroll thru the booths (undercover to keep you dry even), eat lunch or snack on goodies, listen to music and generally say a … (0 comments)

gardening: Sun is Shining - People are Smiling! - 02/03/09 06:09 AM
The sunshine is out brightly today and I am loving it!!  There is almost nothing better than these mid winter days when the sun pops  out and you just know that spring must be right around the corner (contrary to all reality checks of looking at the calendar and seeing that it is just the beginning of February!).  And there is a noticeable upswing in everyone's moods as smiles are exchanged and everyone comments that it is SOOOO good to see sunshine.  I really don't think we would love it as much if we didn't wait for it through clouds, rain … (0 comments)

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