real estate life: When Real Estate Gets Sidetracked By.......Real Estate - 01/15/14 06:10 AM
I've been reading and occasionally commenting on posts in the last few weeks, but haven't posted for way too long.  And the truth is that I have been WAY sidetracked by real estate.  Some is the normal kind of working with buyers and sellers and managing transactions in process - par for the course for those of us who have real estate businesses.
But it is another kind of real estate that has had me kind of missing in action from the blog post front.  And that kind of real estate is being in the process of having a new house … (16 comments)

real estate life: Real Estate Life - Show Houses Sunday/Make Jam on Wednesday - 07/11/13 07:23 AM
A real estate business means a schedule that is often a little out of the ordinary - seldom an 8-5  Monday - Friday kind of world.  But that works fine for me, since many of my weeks look like this one:
Sunday I was showing houses to two different sets of buyers - nice people  and sunshine to make our outing pleasant.  I don't always work on Sundays, but sometimes weekends are when buyers are available to house hunt.  And sometimes weekends are when out of town, relocating buyers are IN town, searching for their next home.  So, yep - sometimes … (6 comments)

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