listing strategy: Do You Have Your Listings Walmart Priced? - 04/18/11 01:48 AM
Attention Walmart shoppers, today in aisle 4, the home product section, we have our featured home on special today.  Like all of our homes, we have all our homes with a discount priced special value and we do price match for satisfaction.
There are many strategies regarding how to price position your home.  Many who with passion defend their method of the best visual price to give your home a standout edge.
One method is to price your home with odd numbers like - $429,957.  The theory is that as the properties in a price range are pulled up on a MLS search … (17 comments)

listing strategy: Deceit or Just Good Marketing? - 02/04/11 04:33 AM
Knowing well in advance that I would obtain a listing in January, I went out in September and took a nice lush green photo of the property.  I felt it would bring nice attention to the gorgeous yard and landscaping.  I also felt that it would make it "Pop or Standout" among the other listings with brown yards, bare trees.
Two questions arose with my MLS photograph .. did it make the listing appear that it had been on the market for a long time (out of season photo)?  Was it deceitful to use this photograph with green grass in this … (17 comments)

listing strategy: Sizzle & Pop - Word Magnets that Attract Buyers - 02/27/09 05:45 AM

Sounds that are distinct but words that paint a visual image.  That is the key to what I term as "Word Magnets".  The power words we utilize in our descriptive comments when marketing a property that attract the buyer audience or even Realtor pre-screening for a client.  Lackluster wording can lead to poor showings.  Just as poor photography impairs the viewer from fully appreciating what a home has to offer, bland words will be as limiting.  If the home is fairly vanilla there are still ways to paint an enticing description to flirt with the reader to want to come take … (16 comments)

listing strategy: Two Step To Success - Dance Around the Competition - 02/09/09 09:18 AM

Got the call from a seller ... they want to place their home on the market and are ready to go.  They wonder if you can come over tonight to visit and they are most concerned about "What their home is worth?".  Now ... how to proceed?  Your next steps depend on the urgency of the appointment, the familiarity of the home,neighborhood and if there will be other agents visiting for the listing opportunity.  Your best strategy is what I call your Two Step Visit.  This sets you up to be well informed, prepared, accurate, professional and also to position your … (7 comments)