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Ever at a loss of how to explain in simple terms the valuation of a home?  You have prepared an analysis of a property value for your clients and now are visiting with them with blank stares across the room.  Maybe that electrical engineer is quizzing you and they just can't quite grasp how you d...
  We are in a profession of pleasing.  We want our clients to have great thoughts regarding us as a professional and to like us on a personal level.  Often in our strife to win their approval we fail in the category as a professional.  We become like puppets repeating what our clients and custome...
  You have the wonderful opportunity to work with another agent on the selling of your listing. Simple courtesies and added little touches can make you shine as a professional and be the Realtor that agents enjoy and look forward to working with on a transaction.  Making the experience seamless a...
The day of personal conversation is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  We rely on text messaging and even more on our emails to be the main if not only form of communication.  What has happened to that personal phone call and direct conversation with our clients?  I am afraid we have fallen v...
With this technology communication era we exist often our first impression and interfacing with a potential client is through our voicemail message and e-mail responses.  More than ever it is paramount to have good e-mail etiquette manners and thoughtful voicemail message. Voicemail - thoughts t...
With every challenge to our real estate industry comes waves of changes.  Some very much needed and some just plain knee jerks reactionary.  One given, as time passes and today's whoas become yesterdays reflections, changes of flexibility will take place.  For now, while in the moment of heat, t...
It has been one year today that I sat by the bedside of my mom and said goodbye until we see each other again.  It had been a long few months as she struggled to regain her health fighting with every ounce of her 85 lbs tiny frame.  My father had passed away just a few months earlier and now my ...
  Do your clients feel like they are one of many that you are working for or a special standout from the rest?  The perception of the client defines the experience they have with their Realtor.  Are you an average Realtor that delivers a typical performance or are you an exceptional professional ...
   I received multiple offers on one of my listings and my homeowners were ecstatic.  One of the offers came in at full price and the other was $5,000 below the other one.  My owners wanted to whip out their pens and to sign off acceptance.  I recommended to them to hit the pause button.  Some qu...
  They come around in those uniforms and you know it is that time of year again, Girl Scout Cookie time.  I have very few vices in life but cookies, well that hits me right where it hurts, on the hips thighs, stomach.  So I got on my scales after savoring the last cookie in the box and to no surp...

Connie Goodrich

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