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  What a gorgeous visit to the Dallas Arboretum last weekend.  Picture perfect weather which gave me plenty of photo practice moments.  The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a 66 acre botanical garden located abutting the White Rock Lake area of East Dallas.  There are many areas of varied...
Frustrations and disappointments hit an all time high and you are ready to quit, toss in the towel?  When you reach that point there are a few things you need to consider pulling yourself back on track.  I'm speaking of your posts with no visitors and few to no comments and the invisible feeling...
  Have you prepared for the spring season?  Did you have faith that although things seemed a little bare and challenged that things would come to bloom.  That the seeds of effort and vision of tomorrow would slowly take hold and come to life? For those who built for tomorrow, it is spring and ti...
A big fish in a little pond, how is that defined?  Is that an individual that is a top volume producer and consistently dominates the market?  Could it be more than just an individual that lists and sales a lot of inventory?  When asked who are standouts in your community do you think of those l...
Its spring and you know what that means?  Increased business opportunities!  As the heat turns up on our business our attention to organization and clean up tasks tend to get ignored.  Also our attitude can be tested as the stress of being the Velcro to keep the transactions together takes place...
To be a winner at the top of your profession, the very best you can be, to deliver in the moment.  Those are the traits of our finest athletes. This also describes our top industry professional, the successful REALTOR.  To be at the top one has to commit to the level of excellence that is demand...
Feel like you had a day where you were stuck in molasses, everything taking forever and just stuck in slow gear?  Putting in so many hours but not productive use of your time?  This is the ideal time of year to bring more purpose to your productive day and maximize the results.  As the spring se...
Vision - holds several layers of meaning.  Vision of your image as viewed by others, vision as being futuristic, vision as in seeing things clearly.  All important and all needed in your real estate business.  One of the best investments to your business is to create an identity of yourself thro...
  In celebration of Saint Patrick's Day I thought some quick references for energy efficiency tips for homes would be appropriate.  It is amazing the dollars (another green) that is saved with a few easy changes that makes a huge differences.  Besides, respecting green standards is respecting our...
   In preparing your marketing material, not only is the content important but the proper attention to the presentation is critical.  The first impression to any marketing piece is the visual image that leaps up at you in a glance.  That is why simple rules to consider when designing your layout ...

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