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Sending touches to a farm area is a consistent activity needed in order to obtain results.  Over the years I have tried several avenues of mailouts to keep my visibility but more importantly to bring in the business opportunity.  The type of mailouts utilized have been jumbo color laminated card...
Once in awhile I'm blessed to work with clients that by their actions truly give me pause to step back and admire.  I have been very fortunate this week to work with such a couple.  I have their home listed and it quickly went under contract.  They had not anticipated such a quick sale because t...
  You open to Active Rain and click on the posts.  A diverse world opens with each member's post.  Words of wisdom, a frustrating experience, a tear of sympathy, pictures of beauty, tips, advice, points all unfold.  You feel a kinship; pick up an insight, blush, laugh and smile.  Our members kno...
We certainly have challenging moments as a Realtor.  It seems that the day of smooth transactions have become more rare than typical.  With the strict mortgage processes now in place, even a very qualified buyer must jump through hoops and underwriting delays are almost a given.  Some buyers hav...
Your listing is about to expire and you are concerned about retaining the continued opportunity to market the home.  Are you prepared to successfully gain the extension for your services or is your confidence waning?  To give you the highest edge to masterfully retain the listing, a few suggesti...
Business as usual.  Why fix it if it isn't broken?  Just to name a few sayings we toss out in our day to day lives.  The problem is that we are called to a higher standard of excellence.   To be the ultimate agent, the one the client remembers. We must color outside the bolded lines and give mor...
A group of professionals posed the question of "What does love mean to you" to children from the ages of four through eight.  Their responses makes us understand that children truly do soak things in at a higher level and are broader and deeper than anyone could imagine. "When my grandmother got...
                                                 Another way to expand your financial growth opportunities, tips from your Property Inspector partner.  Except these tips are even more valuable than the dollar, they are excellent suggestions on maintenance, understanding your home, safety concerns...
Did you work your business during the quiet times?  Did you keep up your marketing to your sphere, farm area.  Did you plan for the greener days and the time that will be coming around the corner? Did you properly "drip" on your clients and contacts to cultivate the business?  Spring time has co...
A question that I am asked several times a week from my fellow Realtor friends and sellers.  The answer -Yes or could be No.  Seems like a safe on the fence answer but to answer the question there are clarification questions that need to be addressed.  I am a certified appraiser so by nature I h...

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