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So many changes to the varied mortgage guidelines causes confusion.  To help give some direction to the most recent changes I decided to summarize the guidelines for ease of reading.  My number one rule is to always consult your trusted mortgage partner as it seems these changes occur on a daily...
Thinking of re-imaging your business?  Need a lift, a signature piece to use as a focal concept to build your new image?  First start with a slogo.  Key words, a sentence that will become the spring board for recognition to your business.  A slogo usually is a reflection of you, your passions, p...
Maybe, just maybe I'm seeing glimmers of hope that we are pulling out of the economic cloud.  Being located in the Dallas/Metroplex northern suburban area, we have been very fortunate to be in one of the strongest real estate markets in the nation.  Don't get me wrong, strong does not mean great...
Judging from repeated attempts to correct the behavior of Powder Room Courtesy, I guess this task simply is ignored.  I know this requires about 30 seconds out of one's schedule to attempt this difficult task, yet the boys in my house find it is just too overwhelming to master this feat.  Yes, I...
Senior Year, single elimination playoff game.  This was the game that could garner the trophy for Regional First Place Winner and move them to the State Playoffs or the very last game ever they would play as a team.  A defining moment and I had the privilege of watching this game last night.  My...
Sounds that are distinct but words that paint a visual image.  That is the key to what I term as "Word Magnets".  The power words we utilize in our descriptive comments when marketing a property that attract the buyer audience or even Realtor pre-screening for a client.  Lackluster wording can l...
The plaguing question that I receive a call on at least once a week.  As a Certified Appraiser I am quizzed about varied scenarios regarding room additions, enclosures, garage conversions, spaced gained from the attic with the question of what counts and how should it be valued. To tackle this q...
                                                             Wow, 4 months ago I made the decision to join Active Rain and what a journey it has been. I feel that it has given me the wonderful connection to our real estate professionals across the borders of my state.       What I have gained fro...
Our business opens doors not only to great relationships but to our hearts.  We have the unique opportunity of coming across many people and ability to touch lives in a positive way.  We can inspire and show compassion.  To be the rainbow that brings life into a trying moment and turn a storm of...
Avoid the failing grade when it comes to keeping your sphere of friends, clients, and family informed on what your services entail.  Recently I had two separate instances that brought to attention my failure to properly outline my services and how they could reach not only my immediate market ar...

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