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In this blog, I tell you everything you need to know about buying a house or a condo in Salt Lake City. Everything? Everything. And I don't sugarcoat it, either. You want to know about what it's like living at the Promontory Condos at City Creek? Bam, find out here. The list goes on and on. No where else will you find more authentic, genuine information about Salt Lake City's real estate market than right here.
I can't tell you how often people ask me to show them homes near 9th and 9th in Salt Lake City. Why does everyone love 9th and 9th in Salt Lake? Maybe it is unique shops like 9th and 9th jewelers and The Children's Hour. Or the restaurants like Mazza Middle Eastern Cuisine or the Delicatassen. Ma...
  Buying a HUD Home in Salt Lake City is easy to do and this article will give you the four tips that will ensure a smooth and easy transaction. We are about to turn you into a Certified Salt Lake City HUD Home Specialist (at least in my book). Take my advice and you will get the lowest possible ...
  Buying a HUD home in Salt Lake City is easy to do. Before getting started, though, there are a few things that you should know. I am going to give you 5 tips that will help you save money, have a smooth transaction, and not lose your earnest money. By the time you finish reading this article, y...

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