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  Every profession has its own jargon – those terms and abbreviations that are familiar to insiders, but may represent a whole new and somewhat mysterious language for newcomers. As a first-time homebuyer, rest assured that you’ll soon become fluent in the language of real estate. If it has been ...
  Labor Day is just around the corner, and that means the first day of school is fast upon us. Whether you have children at home or not, everyone’s schedule changes when school is back in session – there are more people on the roads, and the morning commute takes on a different tone. Here in Nort...
  At first glance, it’s a very simple question: what is my Northern Virginia home worth? The answer, however, may not be so straightforward. It all depends upon the context – the person who is asking, and for what reason. Fundamentally, your home has three separate price tags. One is based upon i...
  Fairfax County is known for its outstanding neighborhoods and wonderful neighbors. However, great neighborhoods don’t just happen – they’re built over time upon a foundation of mutual respect. Anyone can begin the process. You just have to take the first step. Neighbors may each live in their o...
After wading through years of overstocked housing inventories, the real estate market here in Northern Virginia is showing signs of becoming a seller’s market. While this is obviously a point in the favor of those homeowners who want to list their properties, understanding what this means can als...

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