online real estate marketing tips: Make sharing disclosures and other real estate docs easier - 12/18/09 04:42 AM
Today’s Web 2.0 Wrap-up comes from the Geek Estate Blog, and their post Got Disclosures? Try DropBox for Drop Dead Simple File Sharing. This is yet another great example of the ways that technology really can make our life and our business WAY simpler.
DropBox is an online service (free for up to 2 gigs of space, which is quite a lot if you’re using it for documents) that allows you to easily drag and drop files from your computer, and then share them easily with your team, your clients or other agents. Instead of having a bunch of emails going … (1 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Google Analytics makes targeting your website easier - 08/12/09 03:02 AM
In my post last week, , we talked about the importance of knowing what your target looks like.
An important tool you have at your disposal is an analytics package, like Google Analytics. Being able to track your visitors, where they’re coming from and how long they’re staying on your site can help you make sure that your website speaks to your target market. It would be a terrible thing to know exactly who you’d like to be working with, but not be bringing any of them in due to a bad (or untargeted) website.
Here’s a great overview of Google … (2 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Tips for optimizing your Facebook fan pages - 07/09/09 08:23 AM
Facebook Fan Pages are a great tool for real estate agents to use for marketing themselves online. They allow you to make personal connections, on a very extended basis. You can create one on one conversations with many people at a time. Hopefully you’ve already set one up for yourself (if not, here’s a post on the basics of a Facebook fan page).
Here are some more tips for optimizing your Facebook fan page so it works even harder for you!
1. The more active your Facebook fan page is (through comments, photos, wall posts, etc. by you and your fans), … (11 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Twitter Hashtags as a Marketing Tool - 07/08/09 06:17 AM
Looking for something new to include in your Twitter updates? Why not try creating a hashtag that is of value to your target market? Today’s Weekend Web 2.0 Wrap-up comes from The Real Estate Tomato’s post Real Estate and Twitter - Use Hashtags to Dominate a Niche. It’s a great article on what Hashtags are, and how you can use them to increase your visibility and dominate a niche on Twitter.
In addition to gaining extra visibility on Twitter, another way you can use the hashtags you create is by taking advantage of the Wordpress RSS widget on your Wordpress blog. … (9 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Giving Your Social Media Tools To Your Clients - 06/14/09 03:23 AM
I read a great article recetly from Dave Smith at the Real Estate Blog Lab on “TweetGrid - Helping your Social 2.0 Clients Prepare for the Move”.
Dave’s got a great idea here - take the tools you use for your social media marketing, and give them to your clients! The tools you are using to find and connect with people on sites like Twitter are also very valuable to your client if they are (even somewhat) active on social media sites. Show them how to use an application like Twitter Local or TweetGrid to make early connections to new neighbors … (3 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Google Maps Listings Become Even More Important - 05/27/09 02:21 AM
As real estate agents, we generally don’t care whether we’re number one for the phrase “real estate in San Antonio” if we live in Denver. But (probably) all of us would love to rank on the first page for our city name along with our keywords of “real estate” and “homes”.
John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing has some interesting insights on how improving your Google Maps listings (with videos, photos, reviews and more), is starting to improve your chance to rank on the first page.
John says "Google quietly upped the local search game by inserting the Google Maps local … (2 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Looking for a better contact form for your site? - 05/26/09 02:50 PM
One of the essential pieces of a website is the ability for visitors to quickly and easily contact you. Whether you have a really professional website, or a simple blog, this is an important key in making your website work for you. So take a good hard look at your site (from a visitors perspective) and ask yourself:
Do you have a way for visitors to contact you through the website?
Is the contact form easy to find?
Does it allow them to give you as much info as you’d like, without requiring more than they’re comfortable giving?
Be honest with … (11 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: "Identify" to Connect with Clients Online - 05/12/09 10:28 PM
Our weekend web 2.0 wrap-up for today is very exciting for me. I encourage my coaching clients to embrace a form of “Hybrid” marketing utilizing online and offline marketing strategies, and I came across a great tool this weekend to help you do that.
ReadWriteWeb wrote a post about Identify, a Firefox plugin that quickly and easily lets you take the online profile of a current or potential client on one site, and find their social profiles on many others. This is a great way to learn more about new clients that you’ll be working with - as you learn more … (2 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Using Facebook Fan Pages in your Real Estate Marketing - 04/15/09 01:42 AM
If you have an account on Facebook, you may be aware that they made some changes to the site early last month. One of the major changes was to the way that Fan Pages look, feel and function. These fan pages were already a good tool to use for yourself on Facebook, but the new changes have given them an even bigger part to play in your Facebook marketing.
Facebook describes Fan Pages as “a customizable presence for an organization, product, or public personality to join the conversation with Facebook users. The Page focuses on the stream of content posted by … (11 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Wordpress Plugins: My Picks for Real Estate Blogs - 03/23/09 02:04 AM

I encourage my coaching clients to use Wordpress blogs as a “home base” for your online marketing, and so I’m often asked by agents which Wordpress plugins I recommend. I have put together a list of the ones I think are most helpful for real estate agents marketing online. But I do want to remind readers that these are tools - so pick the ones that will help you in your business. More is not necessarily better, and in fact can slow down the loading time of your blog, which could decrease readership in the long run if … (12 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Social Media Monitoring for Real Estate - 02/28/09 09:01 AM
Monitoring your online reputation as a real estate agent is an essential part of marketing. Not only do you need to know what your clients and acquaintances are saying (to your face or not), but you also need to be ready to defend your reputation if an issue ever comes up, as trustworthiness is an essential quality of a real estate agent. If your clients are Googling you and finding bad info, that could easily lose you clients without you ever knowing it.
I talked about the importance of your online reputation, and how to monitor it, in my post Your … (5 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: How to add real estate listings to your Facebook profile - 02/24/09 08:06 AM
Adding new listings to your Facebook profile is not only a good way to get listing information out to people in your area, but it’s also a good way to stay in front of them on their news feed, as a reminder that you can help with their real estate needs now or in the future.
Today we’ll walk through the steps of adding new listings to your Facebook profile by way of the Add Note feature:
On your Profile tab, click on Add Note, then More Options. You’ll want to add photos before any text to be sure that your … (46 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Using landing pages for social networking visitors - 02/23/09 10:27 PM
I came across a creative idea this past week from Nancy Marmolejo at in her post Social Networking Landing Pages: Got One? And though unrelated to real estate marketing per se, I think it’s a great way to increase the connection you’re making with potential clients through your social networking efforts.
She recommends setting up a different page on your site for each social network you actively participate in, and using that web address on your profile, instead of just your website home page. This lets you have a different message depending on your level/style of involvement on that network. … (9 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Using Scribd for an SEO and Online Marketing Boost - 02/15/09 04:34 AM
A great tool for real estate agents to have in their online marketing toolbox is Scribd. Scribd is an online document hosting site - sounds boring, doesn’t it? But really, it’s an excellent tool to take advantage of to increase inbound links to your own site (which is great for SEO), as well as getting your information out there to be found in the search engines.
From Scribd’s Website: “With Scribd’s iPaper document reader, anyone can easily upload and immediately share their original works on or any other website. iPaper transforms PDF, Word, PowerPoint and many other file formats into … (5 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Video is for more than just listings - 02/05/09 06:22 AM
Wanted to share a video marketing idea that came courtesy of Joel at Future of Real Estate Marketing. He has a great post showcasing a Canadian Realtor® that is taking a different approach to video marketing.
Rather than just videotaping a tour of his newest listing, he is using the video camera on his drive to a listing appointment, giving viewers an “insiders” look at his daily routine, his knowledge, and his personality, spontaneously.
This is a great way to showcase you as a Realtor®, rather than just your listings. And if you add to your blog, it gives readers an … (6 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: Top 10 Online Real Estate Tools - 01/15/09 01:51 AM
The beginning of the New Year is always a good time to reevaluate your marketing tools, and refresh them if they're not working. So here, in no particular order, are my Top 10 recommended Online Real Estate Marketing Tools:
1. vFlyer - Lets you create and publish marketing flyers to many different sites
2. Animoto - Easy to create unforgettable showcase videos, and even easier to turn those videos into sales-generating marketing tools
3. School Finder Widget -Knowing a little bit about the schools in their new neighborhood is very valuable to families. Add this widget to your website or … (10 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: 12 Twitter Tools and Tips - 01/11/09 05:53 PM
Now that we’ve covered the Twitter Guide for Real Estate, let’s move on to tools and tips to super-charge your time spent on Twitter.
1. Advanced Twitter Search - this is where I would start in order to find people to follow. You can search for people you know, and by keyword and area. Follow some active Realtors® to see how they use it. Watch from the consumer’s perspective - is it obnoxious and spammy? Mundane life details? Or valuable content?
You can search by your local area, follow interesting people in the community and begin to interact with them personally.

online real estate marketing tips: The 80/20 Rule for Social Networking - 01/11/09 05:31 PM
Here’s a new take on the 80/20 rule:
When I talk to my coaching clients about adding social networking, I occasionally hear that they don’t know how to balance their business goals with the sometimes personal nature of sites like Facebook. I see this a lot when I’m on Facebook and Twitter, as well. So I’d like to share with you a rule I use for my own personal networking.
I believe that for social networking to be an effective business marketing strategy, it needs to be 80% business, and 20% personal.
Business - keep your professional image in mind as … (11 comments)

online real estate marketing tips: A Twitter Guide for Beginners - 01/11/09 05:27 PM
So if you’ve spent much time networking online, you’ve probably heard of Twitter. Not sure how to use it? Here’s the scoop, and we’ll start from the beginning…
What is Twitter? Twitter is called a micro-blogging platform. Essentially, it works the same way as a blog. But there are two main differences:
Unlike blogging on your own blog, you are blogging on their site, and your posts, or “tweets” join the public stream. You are limited to 140 characters. While that doesn’t sound like much, you can say a lot in that space. And it certainly keeps you on topic! Here’s … (12 comments)


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