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 Anyone that has been in the Real Estate Business for any length of time knows that the hardest phone call to make is the infamous..."your listing is due to expire....".  I must say, that as a rookie agent, it was a very difficult task for me.  After many years of crossing my fingers and hoping t...
It is my office policy that with in 12 months after hiring a new agent they must obtain a certification.  I am in a very small market.  We still set a higher standard for our agents, it becomes a win-win for everyone.  My business partner and myself only want the "Best of the Best" associated wit...
 Up with the chickens we arose and off to Raleigh NC to see Real Estate Celebrities.  "Be Great in 08" was worth every moment spent.  My staff of new agents(since 05) got to see first hand what my business partner and I are so excited about.  We feel so very fortunate to be members of such an eli...
 Just like hibernating animals, in Small Town North Carolina, we have noticed our market slowly picking up the pace.  I have survived much slower markets, 15+ interest rates and more agents than buyers.  To all of you out there who were not agents in the 80's...it will be OK!  This "is" real esta...
 I just completed my CRB designation certification classes.  It was the most knowledgeable experience that I have obtained in my 23 years in Real Estate.  The information gained from my colleagues was priceless.  It is so nice to sit amongst other professional broker Owners/managers and learn fro...
 I am a Realtor from days gone by.  It is incredibly hard to grasp all the new technology & ideas that "we" agents now have in place.  I remember when there was no MLS, no faxes and you only were granted a loan if you had "A" credit.  We "agents" certainly had a service to offer.  The only way ou...
One of the requirements to be an agent at my firm is that all agents with in the first 12 months have to obtain a real estate designation.  All of my agents within this time period have achieved this level.  It motivated them so much that most of the agents have earned a second or third designati...
Here in Richmond County we are doing a fantastic job of satisfying our clients and customers.  With this being said, my business co-owner and the previous regional owner of our franchise are highly considering opening an office in an adjoining county.  I am curious to know how it works out with y...
We are managing our trust account the "old fashion "way.  It works out for us now but everyday our business is growing.  We see a huge need for a better system as we now have property management. Do you know of a trust account program that will handle our realestate trust and our property managem...

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