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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
If you’re like most top agents, your marketing materials probably don’t tell prospective clients that you will provide what they want most.Why? Because what your buyers and sellers want most is something you give them without thinking it’s a big deal. It’s not special; it’s merely the way you do ...
Early last month I sent a very small invoice to one of my regular customers in Florida. She wrote the check and then forgot to send it, so on February 2 she stopped at Fed Ex and paid for two day shipping. Then she sent the tracking number and said I should expect the check on Tuesday. That would...
Often when I speak with real estate agents prior to writing their real estate bios I learn that they really don’t know what makes them stand out from their competitors. Those agents don’t realize that the dozens of little things that go into the quality of service they give are what makes them sp...
For the last few weeks my husband has been nagging me – indirectly. Almost every time he gave Katie a good scratching he’d say “You really need a bath Katie. Your hair is starting to feel greasy.”I knew that. She did need a bath, but…Finally on Saturday night after dinner I sat down and thought a...
Some people ask to connect on LinkedIn, you check to see who they are, say OK, and that’s the last you hear from them.Others write back with a marketing message.I won’t knock that because I haven’t tried it. There might be a good way to go about it, and it might lead to new clients. I don’t know....
Continuity marketing, also known as drip marketing, is simply the practice of keeping a steady flow of marketing messages going to the same people over and over.You use it with postal mail when farming a geographic territory or when prospecting to a specific set of buyers or sellers.You use it wi...
Do you have words that annoy you every time you see them? I have a few. One is "hacks." My aversion to that one is so strong that if an email subject line offers "Hacks" for any purpose, I delete the message. Thankfully, that one isn't in such common use as the other one that bugs me. The word th...
Are you feeling less than happy today? Are your thoughts focused on what went wrong today, yesterday, or last week?One thing I've learned is that being unhappy won't ease a loved one's troubles, make someone well, or fix anything that went wrong in your past. We don't owe it to ourselves or anyon...
Just when we thought we’d heard every possible “racist” accusation, a University of Washington-Tacoma professor came up with a new one.The professor thinks good grammar is racist. In my opinion, his reasons for that thinking really are racist, but that’s a topic for some other place and time.He s...
Hopefully you do have a real estate agent bio, and hopefully you do have it posted on  your own website, on your brokerage website, on, here on Active Rain, and on any and all the other real estate or social media sites you use.This post started out to be a reminder that it might be t...

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