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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.



Everywhere I go I see people getting ready to get started - anxiously wishing the snow away and even bulldozing it off to begin digging foundations. They'll be frustrated, because they really do need to wait a bit, but you can't blame anyone for being anxious to see the end to this long winter an...
Real estate sales is not a job for the timid - because it takes a lot of courage to tell people what they need to know as opposed to what they want to hear.It's much easier to cave in - let a wishful seller list for a price way above market or go ahead and list a house knowing that it will never ...
Maybe you think you're selling houses, but that's not really it.For a few buyers and sellers it is - For instance if your seller is a mortgage company or a home builder - and if your buyer is a business person looking for a house to flip, or a landlord looking for a house to use as a rental.  But...