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This contest announcement made me really stop and think – what AM I doing with my blogs? I've just been going along, doing what seemed to come naturally, without stopping to think about it. My primary means of staying in touch with past, present, and future clients is my ezine. Or rather, my ezin...
Rebecca makes some important points in this blog post - and even though I do marketing day in and day out, she taught me something. Thanks, Rebecca! First, about your profile. People want to do business with other people, not with robots. In addition, they want to deal with others who are "like t...
Like so many who have posted their stories on Active Rain, I had an account for a long, long time before I started actually using it. In fact, it's really only been the past few months that I've started logging in every day and getting acquainted. And, like so many others, I wish I had done it so...
Notice: This one is primarily for land buyers, new agents, and agents who have not had experience in selling land. This Friday night, October 9, I will be the guest on a new teleseminar series given by home builder Stan Stauffer, and everyone is invited. The series is about home building, and it ...
Cara has pointed out what every seller needs to consider, especially if they're interviewing multiple agents and are tempted to choose the one that promises the highest price. But... as a copywriter and thus a believer in marketing, I do believe that along with price, terms, condition, and locati...
Hopefully, a whole handfull, but I've known agents who guarded those cards like they were gold - they'd only give one away if someone specifically asked for it! Really, I know agents who can make a box of 250 cards last a year or more. (They cost money, you know!) Instead, you should be handing t...


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