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Last week I got into a small "discussion" with someone on LinkedIn about using photos on business cards. He said that since his doctor, attorney, accountant, and insurance man didn't use them, he saw no reason why he should have to do so. And of course he's right. He doesn't HAVE to. There's no r...
Earlier today I was asked what I was thankful for - and since I've been grumping and grousing about the inconvenience of having my computer in the repair shop AGAIN, it was a good exercise to just stop and think about the many reasons I have to give thanks. Family - A husband who has put up with ...
Darn but I hate it when I put things off just a little too long. I knew when my computer went haywire a few weeks ago that I needed to find some way to back up emails - but I was so busy trying to deal with getting programs re-installed, and then with trying to make the "repaired" computer work -...
I expect you might be thinking “It makes us illiterate, that’s how!” That is part of it, of course. Just like texting. I do worry that kids growing up texting and twittering may never learn to write a complete sentence with actual words. And I do have trouble figuring out what people are trying t...
Did you know that the new “Homebuyer tax credit” can apply to you when you build a new home? For the purposes of the credit, you may claim your new home as long as you begin occupancy between November 6, 2009 and April 30, 2010. This date can be extended to June 30, 2010 as long as your binding c...
A couple of days ago I reblogged Clint Miller’s excellent post on things you must do if you plan to be a successful real estate sales person. One of the points he made was that it is vital to stick to a set working schedule – not allow yourself to decide that you don’t feel like working today. I ...
Clint makes some wonderful points the following post... While all of them are right on target, two stand out for me... One is the necessity to keep on marketing and working on lead generation, even when you're busy. Lead capture enticements on your website, in social media, and on your business c...
Austin's post below backs up my feelings on real estate marketing - and every other kind of marketing. When you want customers and prospective customers to trust you, you need to let them know who you really are underneath that professional exterior. When you do, you allow them to see that in som...
Have you seen the ad for metal roofing on TV?  They must run it often, or always at the time of day when I hear TV, because I don’t go there often. There’s a young couple about to view a home for sale, and the real estate agent mentions a few features inside the home, then starts going on and on ...


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