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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.



First, let me say that I know a whole lot of people disagree with me about this. But I still need to say it, and I hope those who disagree will at least consider my point of view. So… onward. What do you see first when you visit a real estate website? Most of the time the first thing you see is a...
Real estate letters show up in my in-box all the time, because I visit real estate websites just to see what people are doing. Sometimes I sign up for their “newsletters” so I can see what they’re writing. Sadly, I have yet to see anything resembling a newsletter. And I have yet to see letters th...
Let's all help this young man reach the goal of 5,000 friends... Only takes a minute to say yes and join his team.Sam Callahan, the son of a Realtor (and my friend & Active Rain member) in Silicon Valley, is 14 years old and has cancer which is not responding to two different types of chemotherap...
Paula's article about becoming a resource for your local media is wonderful advice. When a newspaper chooses to print your articles it's as if they're giving you their stamp of approval - and making you their designated expert. ARE YOU A RESOURCE FOR YOUR LOCAL MEDIA?  I am sure that many of you ...

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