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Real estate agents who don't enjoy writing often fall prey to an unworthy goal: That of trying to write an all-purpose letter - just to get it over with so they don't have to do it again. The result, unfortunately, is usually a "no-purpose" letter when it comes to results. A letter came to me rec...
I have a question for you agents who deal with repossessions and other homes that have been trashed. I'm wondering about "normal" procedures. A friend of mine from out of state is interested in a home here that needs one heck of a lot of work. She hasn't seen it in person - only the photos on MLS...
We all know looks count - even in my work as a copywriter, the way the copy looks makes a difference. If I globbed all the words together in one long paragraph, no one would read what I wrote. And no one would hire me! And we all know that staging a house increases its chances of selling, or of s...
Effective communication, like an effective conversation, involves listening as well as talking. This really came home to me yesterday when I spent some time talking with my son’s neighbor. We were all outside watching the kids play when I commented that it was nice to have so many children in the...
What’s going on? Are realtors not marketing their listings, or are Realtors not communicating with their listing clients? The reason I ask is because an article that I wrote and posted to back in January of 2006 is once again in the monthly “most viewed” articles category. Over ...

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