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This month our phone service was switched from Verizon to Frontier, although that may have nothing to do with what happened... When I opened our first bill from the new provider it was about $15 more than my normal bill, so I went looking to see why. And I found a charge from a company called Ema...
When I first got into real estate sales in 1985, things were similar to the way they are now in one important way: “Nothing was selling.” At least that’s how it was in our little town. The big difference in the market was that interest rates were high (think 12- 14%) and banks demanded 20% down f...
Jeff has written two important articles regarding the new FHA regulations. I urge you to read both, and seriously consider the effects of each of their proposals. Then... follow his links and make your opinions known. I think a good bit of the blame for the current real estate crisis lies in regu...
The shenanigans that credit card companies have pulled over the past year or so have wreaked havoc with credit scores. The sad result is that even though a person has paid every bill on time, they may still have scores that aren't quite good enough to get them the best mortgage interest rates. No...
Barb is so right... the people are in pain and need you to help lift them up and see that life can and will get better. But the pets...they don't even know WHY the people they love are turning their backs on them. The pets shouldn't have to face abandonment or death because of their humans' finan...
Mike's message is so beautiful and uplifting - and so true! Business WILL come back and times will get better. In the meantime, it's important for agents to keep their names and faces in front of the public. If there's no money for postal mailings or print ads, at least keep an interesting and up...
About a dozen years ago I was operating a real estate agency in our small town of Priest River, Idaho and I was bothered by the fact that the 4th of July celebration I remembered from childhood had somehow fallen by the wayside. So I went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting and suggested that it mig...
This list was created for real estate investors, but many of the 100 ways to create leads can apply equally well to real estate agents. Thanks Karen, for sharing such a wealth of ideas!100 Ways to Create Real Estate Leads. How effective is your marketing? Until you start this important element of...

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