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If you own a home, you’ve probably received real estate letters from other agents. And in all probability, most of them began with one of two words: “I” or “We.” This is the number one mistake made by marketers of all kinds, and real estate agents are at the top of the list of offenders. There’s ...
Your real estate letters can do more harm than good if you send them to the wrong people! People – all of us – want to be seen as individuals. And your prospects are people. If they’ve taken the time to sign in at an open house or ask for a special report on your website, they’ve given you some i...
Gardening can be relaxing and fun - and it definitely leads to eating better food that's better for us. Maybe that's why instead of thinking things through correctly, I planted too many rows for the space I had! The thing is, I knew better. But in my Springtime enthusiasm, I got carried away. Tha...
Jennifer Allen, in her Selling With Soul newsletter yesterday, reminded us of something important: What we do today will determine the business we'll have 90 days from now. So, if we want to be sure to have money for those presents under the tree, now is not the time to slack off on marketing.   ...
I just read an interesting email from Perry Marshall. In it he explained the origins of the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" - which went on to be the most influential novel of the 19th century. President Lincoln credited Harriet Beecher Stowe's book for causing the war between the states and putting an ...
Today’s news on July home sales is bad – but not as bad as the sensational writers in the press would have you believe. In fact, it should have been expected. According to the news, home sales plummeted 27.2 percent in July, down to their lowest level since the NAR began keeping track more than 1...
Following is a "guest post" written by my friend Debra. A few years ago she found herself deep in debt - and watching other friends filing bankruptcy. She decided to get out of debt and created a plan, which she followed. Debra says anyone can do it and she wrote an ebook on the subject. I've rea...
Last month I wrote a warning about "slamming." They're unauthorized charges on your phone bills, placed there by 3rd party providers. Apparently some people like the covenience of paying just one bill, so let Internet providers, cable companies, etc. add their charges to their phone bills. I've n...
A couple of weeks ago someone wrote a blog about Active Rain members who write "non-comment" comments on blogs just to get their daily points. I wish I could remember who wrote it, but remembering such things is not one of my strong points. So... sorry, someone! Anyway, after reading that post I ...
A few minutes ago I was reading a Bankrate article about FHA lowering the limit on seller paid costs from 6% of the sales price down to 3%. I was actually reading it because I planned to tie the information to another article about the cost of closing costs in Texas - for one of my Texas clients....

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