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Have you noticed the change in "point commenters" lately? Many have written about those who are just going for the points, so write "Great blog. Thanks for the information." The reason for the change may be that they don't want to be noticed as point commenters. So now, they've become what I call...
Stephanie is talking about the Law of Attraction... Because it's always working, you get more of whatever you're thinking about most. So think about what's good every morning! You know you have at least a few good things in your life, so focus on them, give thanks for them, appreciate them - and ...
Yesterday I was corresponding with my friend and client, Jody, from Connective Realty. I told her I was having a tough time over some copy because the words just weren't coming together right. I had the middle, but couldn't come up with a lead that I was happy with. She replied that she often had...
Loreena has given us all something to think about with her post on branding. Logos and catch phrases only "work" and evoke a response because our minds go to what they stand for. All the name recognition in the world won't lead to success unless that recognition triggers a positive feeling about ...
A strange idea worked its way into my head this evening while I was digging grass out of my strawberry bed... What if competing agents gave each other testimonials? It sounds kind of goofy on the face of it, but maybe it isn't. I read all the time about agents who don't return phone calls, don't ...
When you call back on an inquiry and the caller has left his name as Joe Smith, do you call back and ask for Joe, or for Mr. Smith? How about when you write a letter to cold prospects in your farm area? Do you say Dear Joe and Mary, or Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Most of the time we see emails using...
  Just had to reblog this because it is all so true. The ONLY reason not to buy now is that you plan to move out of the community within the next 2-3 years. Otherwise, it's the only smart thing to do... Interest rates will rise. Prices will rise. And rents will go up as well. Buyers who lock in t...
Do you remember the last seminar you attended? How about the one before that? How much of what you learned that day have you actually started using? Do you even know where you put those careful notes you took? If you’re like most of us, you took good notes and had every intention of coming home a...
A while back I wrote about using an article site such as in addition to your Active Rain posts. I  believe it's a good idea, because different people are searching in different places. As much as we love Active Rain, not everyone knows they should be coming here for the best inf...
A couple of days ago I came out of the grocery store with a cart full of things to load into my car. As I walked out I saw a man squatted down next to a small car, talking to a woman inside. I didn't think much of it, but as I worked to load my groceries, I couldn't help but overhear part of the ...


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