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First, a very short history. You probably already know that Halloween began as a pagan holiday. It was called Samhain (prounounced sah-win) and it marked the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter. In the earth-based religions, November 1 marks the beginning of the Wheel of the Year, so this i...
We see a lot of comments or posts here on Active Rain asking “Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?” There are many reasons. Poor timing could be one – the writer posts at a time of day when few people are browsing. Boring titles could be another – they simply don’t attract attention. Forgettin...
After noticing the ad on TV a few times, this morning I decided to see what was all about. You may have seen it - they shout about getting brand new merchandise for pennies on the dollar. I thought that sounded pretty unlikely. The old "if it's too good to be true, it probably isn'...
The Law of Attraction fascinates me. Until about ten years ago I was aware of its negative effects - although I'd never heard the phrase "law of attraction." I just knew that people who focused on illness and hard luck always got more of it. As a result, I grew up learning nothing about any kind ...
In addition to the news Carla brings us below... I just read that Fannie Mae is telling loan servicers to "stop unnecessarily delaying foreclosures." They want this done, and they want it done now! In e-mails to short sale specialists, Wells Fargo stated that extensions of foreclosures will only ...
A few days ago Angelo R. Mozilo, founder and former CEO of Countrywide Financial, agreed to pay a $67.5 million settlement in a civil fraud case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Why? Because the emails he exchanged with other Countrywide executives proved that he knew the loans ...
It's a shame that fraud is so rampant in our society, but since it is, the only thing we as consumers can do is be very careful about signing documents. Had home buyers understood the paperwork when they purchased their homes, the whole mortgage meltdown might have been avoided. Now they need to ...
I believe the answer is yes. Buyers across the U.S. have been lured by the promise of low, low prices on foreclosed homes. They’re told that the banks really don’t want to keep these houses in inventory and they can get them for “cents on the dollar.” To begin with, that’s not entirely true. The ...
I've written about word usage glitches before, but a new one has been jumping out at me, so I have to mention it. Lately I've been seeing more and more agents here on AR - and on their websites - who either get "lose" and "loose" mixed up or who forget to proofread their work before sending it ou...
I sure wouldn't want to go back to those days, but do think it's fun to look back at what seemed normal to us just a few years ago. I wonder which of today's ads will be totally not PC twenty years from now?  These are too funny! As real estate agents, if we so much as give any hint of bias in ou...

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