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  I just have to re-blog Kathy's post because I still keep hearing about agents and homeowners who don't see the value in staging. This is the second one I've read lately that sold immediately after staging. Now that 80%+ homebuyers begin their search on the Internet, it's those beautiful photos ...
This is a follow-up to my earlier post about my first days as a real estate agent - way back in 1985. I thought I'd continue on and tell you about my first two listings - so new agents who are feeling frustrated will see that someday they'll look back and laugh... After a couple of months sitting...
Last night I was going through some old files and came across something I'd written about my frist days in real estate. Things have changed considerably since 1985, so I doubt that any new agents today will run into the same kind of crazy events. But you might get a chuckle from them just the sam...
Sarah's message below is an alert that every text messager should read and heed. Her daughter was fortunate in that she had second thoughts before becoming a victim. So if you have kids with phones, share this story with them!  Today,everyone has a mobile phone.  If you are like most, you LOVE TO...
  I just have to share this... the job that Maureen Bray did on staging this house is so dramatic and so impressive! All home sellers should see this kind of before and after pictures so they'd realize what a difference it can make to hire a professional stager. Buyers know they don't get the fur...
I think Michael has hit the nail on the head with this. People who endure winter weather to go house hunting really want a house! That's why I encourage agents to keep on prospecting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just like home sellers, you as agents will have less competition, because so m...
What we do today to pay it forward is something that wouldn't even have merited a mention a few years ago: "being there" for the neighbors. Once upon a time it was simply the accepted way of life. But today... many neighbors don't even know each other. Today our elderly neighbors set off on a 50 ...
Tonight I raided my pile of extra blankets and tacked them up over the sliding glass doors both upstairs and here by my desk in my basement office. It looks awful, but that darned thermometer on the kitchen window is reading 2 degrees! And, in spite of what the window salesmen claim, even "good" ...
With an extra $220 in my pocket, I'd take a giant leap of faith and order two tons of hay - activating the Law of Attraction to find me a perfect new horse. Last year we lost Max to old age and the ravages of arthritis; the year before we lost my Arab gelding to cancer - and this place  feels emp...
Real estate agents generally have “farm” areas, where they plant the seeds for their business to grow, then cultivate the relationships. They add the sunshine, rain, and fertilizer by staying in touch, becoming involved in the community, and more. I’ve been thinking about that fertilizer lately a...


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