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Wow... we're almost done. And it's almost a new year, too! I spent much of today trying to catch up with another challenge - the Ezine Articles Hundred Articles in Hundred Days, which also ends tomorrow. I really do believe in article marketing, since it has brought me many good clients. But I ha...
Day 29 got a bit side-tracked by the weather, but I still managed to write to a couple of past clients - and heard back from one of them! Also did some Twitter and Facebook stuff and commented on a few blog posts - even one or two that weren't on Active Rain. My first task this morning was to get...
Some days sure do take off in a different direction than the one you'd planned, and this was one of them. I thought I'd be writing most of the day and instead was on the telephone. It all started innocently enough - with a call to a friend and fellow copywriter. But then a potential client called...
When I first joined Active Rain I had no idea about points or why I wanted some. I didn't realize then that points are a reflection of activity. I did know that I wanted to be visible to real estate agents and that I could do a better job for my clients by keeping up with the things they were tal...
Today started off with client work - a video script that I've been working on for a few days. It didn't want to come together like I wanted, but today I was determined to find the right words. I had gotten nicely into that when the phone rang... and it was a real estate agent who had been reading...
Getting your agent website up and running is a huge undertaking - and once you've finished you probably don't want to think about it again for a while. Unfortunately, websites can get out-dated quickly. So if you haven't given yours a checkup in the past few months, it's probably time to take the...
Getting moving today was HARD. The day after Christmas is always a let-down, and today felt sad after my son drove away. He wasn't going far, and I'll see him again next week-end, but still... My husband went out to putter in his shop, Chad was gone, and the house felt empty. I finally did rally ...
Hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a great day here - but just the same, I'm glad the heavy-duty cooking and clean-up work is done for a while. I may stick with soup for a week after 3 days of practically non-stop cooking and eating. Today, while waiting for this and that in the o...
We all knew these few days would be tough for marketing - and boy are they. I did manage to do some very small things today - like Tweet and comment and correspond with one customer - but it wasn't easy because I spent almost the entire day in the kitchen. I was a bit surprised by my email today....
Doing the same stuff every day isn't very exciting to write about... but let's keep on keeping on anyway. Yesterday was much the same - blog comments, an ezine article, a few tweets. Today I intended to get a message out to my much fragmented list - but then I looked at what I was doing. I went t...

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