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If you have a house for sale and you’re getting no action, you may be thinking that it’s time to fire your Realtor. Before you do that, stop and think about the three primary factors that make up the reason why one house sells and another doesn’t. These are Price, Presentation, and Marketing. And...
Did your parents teach you that it was never polite discuss politics or religion? Mine sure did!   But now, it seems like everything is fair game. People discuss the most private details of their lives with total strangers, and they openly argue about both politics and religion.   Perhaps it’s te...
Darn! Just because I usually skip looking at videos, I haven't figured out how to embed one here.I know I figured it out once before, but tonight it doesn't work. Oh well... A friend sent me this tonight and I almost skipped it, because most videos don't work here. But I'm glad I didn't skip it, ...
Yes, I'm the person who never looks at videos... Because most of the time they won't play on my Wild blue connection. That's why I almost didn't bother to go look at this when a friend sent me the link. If you love horses, or even just love beauty and grace, take a look at this Dressage performan...
Since I'm about as non-techie as you can get and still use a computer, I'm not sure how important this information is.I know it will make me more aware to check URL's before paying a bill on line! It sounds important, even though I don't really understand the second part of it. So I'm passing alo...
Today's local newspaper carried an interesting note about real estate. It seems one of the readers is house-hunting so stopped to pick up a flyer from the box in front of an interesting home. The trouble is, when she started reading the flyer, it turned out to belong to a different house - one th...
All winter I've been feeling guilty about not taking my critters out walking. Suzie and Ralph go out to the shop with my husband and run around, but little Pepper prefers to stay in the house with me - getting fatter! Yesterday the sun came out, the temperature got up past 40 degrees, and the ice...
At least, shocking to some. First thing this morning I got a phone call from a gentleman in Texas who had purchased a set of my Expired Listing Letters yesterday, and he wanted to ask a couple of questions. That's not unusual - I get a call every once in a while asking me things like "How long do...
Today I accompanied my husband to Coeur d'Alene, and since I didn't have to drive, and he doesn't talk when he's driving, I spent the hour and a half looking at all the houses, noticing the side roads, and taking a trip down memory lane. Starting about a mile from home, we began passing houses an...
As part of an ongoing “check things out” exercise I’ve been trying to do, tonight I Googled “FSBO letters” to see how my web page offering "For sale by owner" letters ranked. It was on page one, but at the top of the page were a couple of Active Rain posts from 2007 – so of course I had to read t...

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