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Sheesh! I just read a new article on explaining that regulators are considering how to implement another of the Dodd-Frank "reform" provisions. This one would set forth the terms for a Qualified Residential Mortgage - QRM. Among the qualifications under consideration are: 20% down re...
I mentioned it on Sunday, when I reported that it was "Make up your own holiday" day... but thought I'd mention it again for those who missed it. Today is great day to send a quick email to friends and clients who run "Mom and Pop" businesses - telling them that it's their special day. While you'...
Consider the situation - a new agent goes to school and enters the field of real estate ready and eager to do everything correctly. One of the things this agent learned in school is how to do a market analysis - to determine just how much a home should bring in a given market by making comparison...
Yes, today is a very special day. And I almost didn't realize it until too late. For one thing it's Robert Frost's Birthday - and is the birthday of thousands of other people still living. But that's not the only reason. I just learned that today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. So, what can it b...
So what? That's a pretty rude thing to say, so I'm not going to suggest that you say it to anyone but yourself. It's the question to ask when you're writing a prospecting letter or any kind of promotional copy. If you write a statement such as: "I have 16 designations, including GRI, ABR, ..." or...
If you sell multi-family properties, you know that the methods you use in pricing, presentation, and marketing are a bit different from the methods you use in selling single family homes. But sometimes, the owners of those multi-family properties don't know that not all agents know the difference...
This morning has been one of those times when my nerves feel like they're shredded. I'm trying to get some copy written for a client, and there's been one interruption after another. First, the cat. I have a big fat cat who would eat sixteen cans of cat food every day if I'd let him. Days like to...
Did you go to college? If so, do you remember what you learned? When I look back at 4 years in college and what I learned, I realize that I came away with only two bits of information that absolutely stuck with me - and that have any bearing on my life. Both of them came from just one class - a b...
This morning I sent a short email out to some friends and past clients. It contained the wish I'm sending now to all my Active Rain friends (and future friends!) And guess what... in some places it got rejected! They said this was spam... I think there's a lesson in there somewhere... such as may...
Right now I'm steaming just a bit, and wondering what we're going to do. This story starts months ago, when my neighbor started talking about Rocky Mountain Oysters. You've seen me talk about him before - he's in his 80's, a cancer survivor, and has a small herd of cattle. During calving season (...


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