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Every now and then, I have to go off on a rant about words and the usage errors I see here on Active Rain, on agent websites, and in newsletters.  Why? Because I think these simple usage errors ruin your credibility with your target audience. Before your prospects meet you, the only way they can ...
What every business person needs is a growing crop of prospects – future customers who will ripen one at a time and bear fruit in the form of a steady stream closings and commission checks to fatten their bank accounts. (That might taste even better than a fresh ripe tomato every day or two!) But...
Going to town to do errands is definitely not my favorite activity, but yesterday I got a reward for making the trip. I got to see this youngster - munching at the Willows right along side the road, just about a mile from town. Not the best photo in the world - the truck was moving when I snapped...
Last Monday we had a blizzard - so we decided not to make the trip to town to replenish the grocery supplies. But in spite of the weather I thought it was a good day, because we were having fish for dinner... and when we have fish my husband cooks. (Any day that I don't have to cook is a good day...
Today a friend forwarded me an email about entering a contest to win a house. It said "Everybody wins" and went on to explain that I could win a house if I submitted a story telling why winning would make my life so much better. The entry fee was $100 and they would collect entries until the numb...

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