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Of course I'm talking about our furry 4-legged friends, the dogs. They give us companionship, comfort, understanding, and emotional therapy. They protect us and serve as our doorbells. They even warn us when we're choosing the wrong companions. Mine are alarm clocks - keeping track of me througho...
Today Bankrate ran an article telling how the rich and famous are trying unsuccessfully to sell their multi-million dollar homes. Some of them have been on the market for years with no takers.   Of course, there’s not a huge number of citizens who can even consider buying homes in the multi-milli...
Most Active Rain bloggers already know this – but I had to mention it today because I’ve been noticing some posts from new bloggers who don’t. One of the “rules” of copywriting is to avoid building gray walls. Building them is one of the fastest ways to kill your message – because nobody will be ...
National news and real estate professionals talk a lot about the people who purchased at the top of the market and now owe far more than their homes are worth. They discuss the legal and moral issues involved in strategic default and of course  everyone is talking about short sales and the diffic...
  Shiela says nothing angers her more than finding an animal abandoned by its family. I agree - that and torturing them both make me want to do bodily harm to some human. I worked in rescue for about 5 or 6 years and had my heart broken with regularity. On the other hand, there were times that wa...
This morning I got an email inviting me to tell how much we're paying for gas in our City and State. I did that, and the rest of the day my in-box has been filled with other people's responses. Gasoline seems to run anywhere from about $3.45 per gallon up to more than $5 (in Hawaii). Many of the ...
Whew! What an evening this one has been. For months I've been going in circles trying to deal with auto responders. I try to faithfully send my real estate marketing ezine once a week, and ever since I quit Constant Contact (after they threw away 90% of my list in December,) it's been a struggle....
First I should explain. I'm one of those nuts who really believes in the Law of Attraction. I'm the only one in my neighborhood who does, so mostly I keep quiet about it. When I slip and mention it to close friends and family they simply tolerate my eccentricity. (I'm one who believes we all have...
Last night my friend Carolyne and I were discussing things that make people feel good and take action - and she sent me the following, with her permission to publish it on my blog. Men - Before you think this one is just for the ladies read on and think about how it applies to you. Red is a power...
Last night my neighbor came by to visit and got to talking about why some people move into communities that they simply don't like. We have another neighbor, and she's a prime example. She says she "Hates Idaho" but she doesn't move away. Of course, that could be because she has a ridiculously hi...

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