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This tragic news story is a reminder that you DO have a dangerous job - As much or more so than a clerk in an all-night quick stop. Real estate agent killed on the job in West Des Moines I know many agents do carry concealed weapons - which would add to their safety if they had a clue that they w...
Can you imagine how you'd react... If you picked up an Avon book and decided you were interested, so called the Avon Lady to come to your house. You were looking forward to seeing the new shades of lipstick or testing the new fragrances. Perhaps you wanted help choosing the right shade of foundat...
Today so many people are using acronyms in their emails and texting that the darned things have spilled over into marketing. I for one think that's not a good idea. What makes perfect sense to you might not make sense at all to your prospects. That's especially true if those prospects don't use t...
This situation has me pulling my hair! For a long time I was using Get Response to gather names, because I could set up individual campaigns - with separate web forms offering different reports, letters, etc. Then I transferred those names to Constant Contact because their letter set-up was easy ...
Yesterday in the grocery store I ran across someone I've been wanting to forget for about the last 20 years. He's the evil soul who sued me over a real estate transaction. I learned a few things from that awful experience, so I'd like to share them... maybe it will save you from "falling into a s...
Last week I read that 13% of the single family homes in the U.S. are sitting vacant. It made me wonder where all those people could have gone. Are they doubling up - with 2 or 3 families to a house? Are they living in Mom's basement? Are they driving around in a mini-bus, living in camp grounds? ...
I harp a lot about how real estate agent websites should give visitors a "reason why" they are the right choice to list their home or help them find a home. I talk a lot about showcasing the benefits you bring to your clients rather than your designations and achievements. What they care about is...
But I’m not fooling! Every year I try to come up with some clever way to fool someone - anyone - even my dog! I never can. My mind just doesn't work that way. So this year I decided to observe the day by Not Fooling about a discount on my prospecting letters... For the next 24 hours – until Noon ...

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