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This week I received an email from a lady whose inherited house has been on the market for 6 months. She lives more than 100 miles from the community, and is busy with her own job, so she hasn't done much more than list the house and trust the agent. But she said a friend had called this week to ...
When you want to convince FSBO sellers to list with you, you have to give them a good reason why. You can’t just knock on the door and tell them they’re nuts for trying this on their own. You can’t just beat them over the head with failure statistics. You can't start telling them how much they do...
  Bridal Registries have always struck me as a form of announcing to prospective guests that they're expected to furnish a gift, and "Here's what I want." To me, that's just rude. That said - it's just my own hang-up. Everyone else seems to think it's a good idea. At least they accept it as polit...
Sheesh! You didn't need this! While agents like all of you here at Active Rain are working hard to present and maintain a professional, trustworthy image, the Washington Post is making it sound like agents handling short sales are a bunch of crooks. According to this article, agents are teaming u...
Do you ever forget what you've done? Last night I was thinking about sending a message to remind everyone that I have a Free First Time Buyer letter available through my website. While I don't believe just one letter is enough when you're contacting new prospects, if you plan to follow up with a ...
Well - it's not exactly a crisis. But I really would like to know the identity of this tree. It stands outside the bank in Priest River and the blossoms were so beautiful last week that I had to stop and take a picture. But I am definitely not an expert on flowering trees, and it seems that no on...
Mortgage fraud is on the Upswing, but not from the usual sources... Wouldn’t you think that with all the uproar over mishandled foreclosures the banks would be trying to follow the letter of the law? At least with regard to loans, if not with handling offers on REO properties.   While doing resea...
  Cindy's post below goes hand in hand with my post from earlier today: Why You Should "Get Personal" With Blog Posts and Agent Bios. Strangers can form a basis for a connection with you from the words you write, but when you meet in person - or even via phone or email - you need to show that you...
Today’s Daily Drop brought a thoughtful post by Donna Harris about blogging. She related how her personal blog posts bring her just as much (or more) business as her real estate posts. Donna contends that people want to know who you are – and I couldn’t agree more. That’s why, when I write agent ...
How many different kinds of prospecting letters do real estate agents need? Every time I think I'm getting close to offering real estate prospecting letter sets for every eventuality, someone writes to ask me if I have a set that they need for their particular niche or their particular use. I'm n...

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