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Since visiting the Cocolalla Creek Rescue Ranch a few weeks ago, I've been in touch with the rescuers several times, and of course the subject of real estate came up. It always does, doesn't it? It seems that these folks purchased 148 acres of land at Porthill with the intention of retiring there...
  In real estate, you’re used to taking calls from people who say they’ll call back if they want to make an appointment – and then never do. But what about potential customers / clients who say “yes” and then fade away? Chris Marlowe wrote a post for copywriters about that this morning. In it, sh...
After reading Jody Keating's comprehensive explanation of 1031 Exchanges on her Connective Realty Blog, I got to wondering... Is this a specialty niche for some agents? Or do you simply refer your clients to a good tax attorney when someone wants to do a 1031 Exchange - then do as you're told? Si...
Most of us are pretty informal today. We address each other by our first names, even if we’ve just met. And we send email using people’s first names only. After all, quite often that’s the only name they’ve given us. And here on Active Rain, everyone uses first names. It’s simply the way it’s don...
This week-end I'm on my own - it's just me and the dogs and cats, because my husband and my son took off to Montana on a fishing trip. So... I don't have to cook for anyone! That means I indulge in a little junk food, because I'm too skinny to just ignore eating, and I'm sure as heck not going to...
A couple of days ago I wrote about offering bribes to the folks on your prospecting list - to entice them to give you their email addresses so you could drip market to them inexpensively. I suggested that you could make the offer in person - as when you go in person to visit a FSBO seller. You ca...
Whether you’re farming a territory or prospecting for a specific type of buyer or seller, staying in touch  regularly is the way to maintain “top of mind awareness” with them. And of course, when you’re the agent on their minds, you’re the agent they’ll call when they’re ready to sell. Well, that...
Either that or Go Daddy did, or maybe my own computer did? I don't know, but... After dinner I came back to my computer to see what was new... and my email said I had 96 new messages! What?? That's not at all unusual in the morning, but since I was just here a little over an hour or so ago... no ...
After reading Rebekah Radice’s  excellent post about re-using old blog posts, I decided to go back and take a look at the very first post I did on Active Rain – on January 7, 2008. It got 5 comments – including my response. But what stands out about comments on that post is the one from Karen Ann...
Sometimes you can look at an expired listing and know exactly why it didn’t sell. It might have been lack of quality photos and descriptions in the on-line marketing, as Scott Hayes talked about in his blog about on-line presentations. It might have been the price. It might have been that the sel...

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