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The feds can't come up with a good plan, and the big banks don't care... but  Atlanta-based Ocwen Financial Corporation has come up with a loan modification program that's working. Under their Shared Appreciation Modifications (SAM) program, a delinquent borrower's principal is reduced to 95% of ...
Today when I was writing a web page for my latest real estate letter set - the Seller Service Letters - I got to thinking about how it was when I was a fairly new agent. Remember this was in the days before everyone was using computers. If you wanted to contact someone you either picked up the te...
The other day I needed to find someone here in my home town. She was the only person I knew that offered a particular service, and I couldn't find anyone else like her in the yellow pages. The Internet was no help - people in this small town haven't noticed it yet! So... how to find her? She's no...
Many of us believe that government interference is what led to the entire housing crisis – from the artificial rise in prices, to the crash. And, as we watch failed program after failed program, some of us tend to wish the government would just get the heck out of real estate and let the free mar...
Does SB 458 Mean California Home Sellers Don’t Need a Short Sale Expert? I don’t think so. In fact, I think a homeowner’s choice of agents might be more crucial than ever. Under the new Senate Bill 458, junior lienholders are no longer allowed to impose a deficiency on homeowners in a short sale....
Rob Thomas's post this morning offers some good advice on what to do before you begin the process of building a custom home. And I've got more for you! When my husband retired from home building and I left real estate, we collaborated on a couple of books - one of which outlines things you need t...
For a long time, my elderly neighbor has talked about getting a pre-paid phone to have on hand when he takes his wife to the doctor or to visit their son. None of us here who stick close to home have "regular" cell phones because there is no cell signal out here in the woods. There's just not muc...
Do Case Studies Have a Place in Real Estate Marketing? I think so. You don’t see case studies widely used in real estate marketing, but why not? Wouldn’t they lend more credibility than short testimonials? We know testimonials work in every service business. But we also know that they are not alw...
This morning, while responding to comments on my blog post about the frustration of dealing with computer techs in India, something occurred to me. I'm sure it's politically incorrect, but I'll say it anyway. Why are we all just "going along with it" when the quality of our goods and services kee...
No – it’s not a 4-letter word. It’s not even an off-color word to most people. But to me as a copywriter, it is a dirty word. It’s the sign of a lazy copywriter – one who can’t think of what to say or doesn't want to be bothered with saying it. Or worse, one who has nothing to say. Or perhaps one...

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